KoalaSafe featured on Fast Company


Congratulations to our Client KoalaSafe for their feature on Fast Company!

KoalaSafe is a gadget that lets you control how your kids use the internet. It’s drop-dead simple to use, and can cut access at specific times, or to specific sites, or both. And it doesn’t require any spyware or blocking software to be installed on your kids devices, making it harder to hack and easier for you to police.

The KoalaSafe plugs into your existing router and creates a new wireless network. This network can have its internet access cut at any time you choose†you could switch it off overnight, for example, to stop nocturnal surfing from bed. You can also block specific websites (a permanent Facebook ban, for example).

Technology moves quickly and kids learn fast. KoalaSafe keeps you informed and on top. Check them out at koalasafe.com!


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