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kindnotesCongratulations to our Client KindNotes for their feature on TODAY!

KindNotes are individually enveloped messages of love, affection, and adoration, in a giant customized and similarly decorated jar.  KindNote notes can be generic from a prewritten list they have prepared, or they can be customized to express to your loved ones exactly how you feel about them.  KindNotes are similar to the cards given with flowers: simple sentiments expressed in the perfect medium.

Kind Notes are always available to be read throughout the year, not just something to be received once and then discarded because the gift perished, such as flowers, was enjoyed and eaten, such as chocolate, or otherwise intransient. KindNotes can be kept forever without difficulty.

So when looking for unique Valentine gifts, remember that Kind Notes are exactly that.  They are non-intrusive, no one is allergic to them, they store well, they are always available, and best of all, they say exactly what you want them to say.

Check them out at KindNotes.com!

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