KidzShake featured on Daily Mom

kidzshakedailymomCongratulations to our Client KidzShake for their feature on Daily Mom!

The company KidzShake was founded by Doctor Rach, who is a mom herself, and nutritional expert. She wanted a kid’s nutritional shake that had ZERO sugar in it, and nothing artificial, so the idea for KidzShake was born. She wanted to have it packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Not just a little but a real BANG of the good stuff they need. Finally, it had to be delicious. It needed to use natural sweeteners found in nature, not developed in some laboratory. It tastes as good as any milkshake you can buy or make at home.

The KidzShake Nutritional Shake is an easy to mix powder that can be added to any drink or smoothie, and is geared toward appealing to younger children. It is packed with vitamins and minerals that have been proven to improve brain function and alertness, immunity and digestion, as well as bone and muscle development. It reduces bad cravings and provides essential vitamins and minerals. Check them out at kidzshake.com!


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