Indigenous featured in Natural Solutions Magazine

indigenousnaturalsolutionsCongratulations to our Client Indigenous for their feature in Natural Solutions Magazine!

From their beginning in 1994, Indigenous has used only the finest natural and organic fibers in their clothing.  This keeps harmful chemical toxins found in synthetic and non-organic clothing out of our ecosystems and away from your body.  Additionally, natural fibers provide excellent strength, warmth, touch and absorbency.

Each eco friendly garment is hand-knit entirely by an individual as part of a small knitting group in their community, not in a factory. Fair trade wages in combination with educational training allow the artisan to take the time necessary in creating excellent quality and fit of each individual Indigenous garment. Great care goes into the entire process and the result is consistent, premium hand-knit clothing crafted with traditional skills. 

You will feel the benefits and so do the hard working people who made your clothes. Check them out at indigenous.com!


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