iHeart Locket, the ‘Smart Necklace’ that Magically Opens Your Digital Diary!

The iHeart Locket is a “smart necklace” that opens a corresponding Diary app on the iPad®. The chic heart-shaped locket, with its polished gold finish and purple satin ribbon, adds much-needed sparkle to the field of wearable technology, and gets kids excited about keeping a journal.

The iHeart Locket app features a scrapbook-style design that takes full advantage of the iPad as a multi-media platform. The diary app enables youngsters to work with photos, illustrations, stickers, audio recordings and customizable materials. Children who are too young to type can utilize the automatic transcription feature and audio playback.

And because we all have our secrets, just press the disappearing ink button on the locket to hide your drawings from prying eyes!

website: www.iheartlocket.com

price: Price: $24.99


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