iFork featured on Sunbelt FS

iforkCongratulations to our Client iFork for their feature on Sunbelt FS!

The intelligently designed iFork line of flatware reinvents dining by keeping surface germs off your fork, knife, spoon and spork and also keeps food from touching your surfaces. The iFork is made with a special rivet (the company calls it an “iPoint”) on the back that acts as a little shelf that hoists the tines, bowl, or blade of the utensil above the table and keeps food from hitting the table.

Since school cafeteria tables are one of the surfaces that harbor the most harmful germs, a full line of plastic iFork disposables, including the iSpork has been created to replace the sporks currently used in many school cafeterias.

“Tabletops are a breeding ground for germs, but the intelligently designed iFork line of flatware keeps your flatware from resting on these surface germs. Make no mistake, The iFork is truly revolutionary.” ~ Sekuleo Gathers, M.D.

Check them out at iFork.com.

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