iFork featured on Good Day Sacramento


Congratulations to our Client iFork for their feature on Good Day Sacramento!

Did you know that the average dining surface is covered in germs and bacteria like Influenza A, Salmonella, and Rhinoviruses; all of which are ready to jump right on board your eating utensils and make their way to you?  Well, thanks to iFork, you can now easily save yourself from the germs and grime that are common on eating surfaces and move on to more important things†like enjoying your summer!

The ‘i’ in iFork stands for intelligently designed, a description that is fitting for this unique and innovative new line of utensils. Thanks to the patented design, the part of the utensil that touches your mouth never touches the table or surface, keeping not only you free from germs, but also your surfaces free from messes! Forget worrying about barbeque sauce getting all over your picnic table when you put down your fork, iFork keeps the mess off the table as well as it keeps the germs off your eating utensils! Check them out at ifork.com!

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