How To Score A Virtual TV Interview In 2020, And How To Prepare

ChicExecs VP of Public Relations and Digital Media, Kristen Wessel, shares tips on how to land a virtual TV interview in 2020 and the steps needed to prepare on Forbes blog.

With the current pandemic, life is different but opportunities are still there for PR hits if you look in the right places. With a few adjustments to your pitch and news interview, you can grow your business and enhance your brand.

How To Secure A TV interview In 2020

1.  Pitch Right

Pandemic or not, your goal still is to deliver value to the journalist over anything else. Your pitch should give meat and substance to a newsworthy story.

2.  Look Locally First

While big, national features do wonders for your brand, they aren’t easy to get. Tap into local news coverage first. There are so many local opportunities for news coverage, and they tend to have less competition than national outlets.

3.  Boost Your Authority Online

More people are online these days, and that means leaning into your digital branding. Social media posts, blogs on your website or on Medium, podcast interviews and YouTube features are so valuable in 2020.

Three Rules For Virtual Interviews

1.  Check Your Tech

Technical issues can rain on your parade. While you can’t prevent every technical glitch, prepare ahead of time as much as possible.

2.  Project A Clean Appearance

Let’s be honest, we’re all wearing sweatpants right now. But a virtual TV interview is still a TV interview, and that means looking the part. You’re also playing camera crew here, and that means remembering a few things about your appearance.

3.  Practice!

The stakes might feel lower with a virtual TV interview, but it’s still for a big-time feature. Practice makes perfect, especially if you’re new to the world of interviewing.

Read Kristen Wessel’s full blog on how to secure and prepare for a virtual TV interview in 2020.


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