How to Promote Your Company’s Press Coverage & Maximize Your Business

As a follow-up to our blog How to Get Press for Your Brand, ChicExecs answers your biggest question of what comes next after you’ve gathered press. How you put your garnered PR to use is just as important as receiving it in the first place. You’re receiving a compliment you don’t want to take for granted. Here are three ways to maximize and promote your press coverage. 

Get the Word Out to Your Email List and Social Media

This is your time to shine! Once you’ve secured that great press, let your followers know through email blasts and on your social media channels. Theres no point in getting a great compliment and not bragging about it. This is the quickest way to let the masses know the media attention you’re getting. 

Put a Press Page on Your Website

Getting great press serves more than bragging rights. Its your reference page. Just like providing references in a job interview adds to your credibility, adding a press page to your website does the same, but with your consumers. As you think about your website design to add this information, make the connection simple and easy to recognize for your online visitors. Did your product appear on Good Morning America? Display their logo. Add the text As Seen On  to the homepage of your website where it would catch a consumers attention and add the media logos as you receive more press. Utilizing PR in this manner extends beyond the social media likes and praises. It builds the credibility that translates into sales.

Create a Physical Pressbook

At ChicExecs, were big believers in using PR to drive retail strategy. Think about using your press for more than marketing purposes and create a pressbook to show your retail buyers. This physical book should be well organized to flip through like pages of a magazine and highlight all of the press your brand has received. Bring it with you to buyer meetings where building that on-the-spot credibility is important.

Also think about where you’re presenting your press and get creative. If your brand participates in trade shows, here is another great arena to highlight your compliments. When you’re surrounded by booth after booth, you want yours to stand out. Find a way to make those endorsements visible to the attendees walking by. Its a great way to capture their attention and gets them to stop and talk to you.  


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