How to Make Your Brand Stand Out in a Global Marketplace

ChicExecs VP of Global Strategic Accounts, Lydia Vargo, shares her six tips to help brands stand out around the globe on Forbes blog.

“As the VP of global strategic accounts at a PR and retail strategy company, I’ve counseled both national and international brands,” she said.

The U.S. is unique when you compare it to other markets around the globe. What works in other markets doesn’t always translate to the U.S., and that means international companies often have a hard time cracking the code for U.S. buyers.

The good news is that, if you can make it in the U.S., there is a good chance you can make it anywhere. That means your brand should be trustworthy, credible and researchable. Contrary to popular belief, global marketing is not about spamming consumers across geographic borders. Today, brands should prioritize trust and value before moving in with a hard sell.

Here Are Six Tips to Build More Buzz Around Your Brand ”No Matter Your Geographic Location

1. Switch to a “PR-First” mentality. A PR-first strategy is from trusted third-party reviews. This means taking, We are the best,  and backing it up with, They really are the best. 

2. Create a professional website. You need to have a professional, modern website ”no matter what. Make sure your website is easy to navigate and uses concise language that is fully SEO optimized.

3. Show off your people. You have to establish authority in a global market. Who are your founders? What do they stand for? Whats their story?

4. Give back. Millennial and Gen Z shoppers may prefer buying from companies with charitable initiatives.

5. Respect all cultures. Hopefully, this is common sense, but if you want to appeal to shoppers on a global scale, you need to exercise cultural sensitivity.

6. Piggyback on global news stories. Whats going on in the world right now? Subscribe to global news alerts or to news cultivators to stay on top of the latest happenings.

Read Lydia Vargo’s full article on how your brand can stand out in any marketplace.

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