Exclusive Tips on How to Get Press For Your Business

What does it mean to get PR for your business? From an entrepreneurial standpoint it means getting press, but in the public relations industry, it means having third party endorsements vouching for you and your brand. When mass media such as print, radio, TV and online platforms such as social media and blogs can vouch for your brands longevity, concept and notoriety, you’re receiving great PR to accomplish your ultimate goal, brand recognition.

Just as your brand is focused on understanding its target audience, it must apply the same idea to the media for press coverage. As experts in PR, here are 5 PR tips on how to get press for your business.

5 PR Tips on How to Get Press For Your Business

PR Tip #1: Consider the Media Calendar

Just as businesses are easily glued to their fiscal calendars, the media has its own that revolves around seasons and holidays. The phrase timing is everything couldn’t be a truer statement when it comes to pitching the media with your brand.

What does it mean to pitch the media? Its the way your brand (by email, letter or phone call) presents itself for media coverage. If your product is seasonal, you want to make sure you’re pitching during the right time of year to get coverage.

PR Tip #2: Know the Difference: Long vs. Short Lead

In addition to understanding the seasons and holidays your product fits into, keep in mind the specific calendars each media outlet follows. For example, magazines have their own editorial calendars where journalists are often working on issues months in advance because they take time to publish.

When you tailor a pitch to a product meant to be covered months in advance, its considered a long lead pitch. Your brand might dream of appearing in that December gift guide, but a long lead must be sent in July to sufficiently meet the editorial calendar.

For daily TV programming, newspapers and blogs on the other hand, you wouldnt want to pitch your brands winter must-haves mid-summer. For outlets needing your pitch a month in advance or less, you would send a short lead.

PR Tip #3: Understand the Publication

When journalists review your pitch, one of the first things they look for is relevance of your brand related to the stories they’re working on. Be mindful of the content you’re presenting them with and get to know the type of stories they air or publish. Do you feel your product will engage their readers or followers? Let them know why in the pitch.

PR Tip #4: Build Media Relationships

A big part of gathering press is showing you’re more than just an email address. There’s a personal approach to obtaining PR that’s often overlooked.

ChicExecs team members travel to cities like New York and Los Angeles six to eight times a year to meet with members of the media in person; complete with goodies in hand and ready to present products that are relevant to their stories and coverage. Its important to remember that those behind the media outlets are just as human as you are.

Developing personal connections and getting to know their lives and interests deeply impacts your PR endorsements. It also helps you gauge the interest and relevance of future pitches.

PR Tip #5: Make Your Pitch Stand Out

It’s a competitive marketplace. Chances are, the media outlet you just pitched to will receive 10-20 more emails from your products competition. Your pitch should highlight something unique to the brand. Is there a captivating story behind the business? Does your brand give back to the charity? Is your product eco-friendly? Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to get creative.

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