How to Get Followers on Instagram: 5 Tactics To Get Quick Result

How to Get Followers on Instagram: Tips & Tricks you should grab now

If your business is trying to figure out how to get followers on Instagram, we would love to share some food for thought! Instagram users, and all social media users for that matter, are looking for authenticity as they quickly scroll through your feed. In real life, people are attracted to those who possess both beauty and brains, and someone who provides something of value to them. If you apply this same mentality to your Instagram feed, you too can get more followers on Instagram. Here are five tips to make sure your feed has both beauty and brains, where people can’t help but follow you:

Have a Cohesive Feed

Social media users decide whether or not to follow your business in a matter of seconds as they scroll through your feed. For this reason alone it’s important to pay attention to what your Instagram profile looks like as a whole. Having a cohesive feed means more than creating a beautiful aesthetic. Beating the Instagram algorithm will let you take the decisive decision on which feed works best for you and which doesn’t.

While you’re certain to attract users with an eye-pleasing social media feed, you need to create a niche with your content in the process. You can start by matching your feed appearance to what your account focuses on. For example, does your business sell skincare products? Use the power of perfect flat lay photographs for your Instagram. Also, edit the photos a bit to look crisp and refreshing. Do you have a travel blog? Make your social media feed bright and colorful to connect with the destinations you highlight. You’ll want to make sure you follow this visual theme throughout your feed. The cohesiveness doesn’t stop with the aesthetic.

An ongoing digital marketing strategy is just as important to your target market to make your social media presence look like an online magazine. Taking the travel blog, for example, you don’t want your Instagram feed to show photo after photo of captivating destinations to all of a sudden switch to random cat memes.

Purchase or Build Instagram Preset

Another factor that is important in how you get followers on Instagram is creating content that stands out visually. To take your feed to the next level, it’s time to come up with a photo editing strategy. It doesn’t take a professional photographer or time-consuming editing to deliver the photos you’re looking for. You can simply use the various Instagram photo editing apps available on the internet.

All it takes is a simple filter or preset. You might have experimented with Instagram’s filters and found they make your feed look too similar to others or they don’t quite meet the standards of the content you’re posting. By purchasing or building a custom preset, you can create a unique yet cohesive aesthetic and cut down editing time significantly. Adobe Lightroom CC is one app you can use and a personal favorite of ours.

Use Instagram Stories and Remember Hashtags

We’ve discussed the beauty of your Instagram feed, now let’s talk about the brains. As Instagram stories gain popularity, brands are taking notice. You might not think they have as much impact as regular Instagram posts because they disappear within 24 hours but videos are super popular right now. They offer a unique way of engaging your users and showing the human side  of your brand. Each story still needs to fit into the cohesion of your overall social media feed to build brand awareness and a lasting impression in the minds of prospective followers.

When it comes to posting Instagram stories, don’t forget the hashtags! Adding hashtags and geo-locations helps your story appear to more users because they can watch any recent stories that were published using a location or hashtag sticker, even if they’re not following you. If you feel like a hashtag or location sticker will take away from your content, you can always hide them by reducing the font size, using the same color as the background, or adding a GIF or sticker on top of them.

Engage with Your Followers Using Polls

It might feel like you already put a lot of time and effort into getting more followers on Instagram or maybe you feel like your social media content already brings its A-game. It’s still important to remember that communication goes both ways, even if you feel like you’re doing all the work.

Thanks to Instagram polls available in stories, engaging with followers has never been easier. The possibilities to not only engage with your followers but get a better understanding of your audience are endless. Looking to gauge interest in specific products within your inventory? Create a poll to see which product people like more. Or perhaps it’s time to update your company logo. Create a poll between two options to see which one resonates with your audience more!

Take Advantage of Instagram Live

Wondering how to get more followers on Instagram? Instagram live could be a game-changer for you. Why post photos on social media after the event happens when your audience can experience the thrill for themselves when it’s happening with live video? Survey statistics show that 82% of consumers prefer live video from a brand to social posts. Don’t be afraid to mix up your carefully planned posts with some live video. It speaks to the authenticity of your brand and makes you more relatable.

Managing social media could be a tiresome job, especially for business owners. That’s why we manage the heavy lifting of your social media while you focus on more important things.

While maintaining your social profiles don’t be nervous that you’ll make a mistake, it adds to the humanness of it! And be sure to interact with your audience during the live video by asking questions so they can respond in the comments.

Key takeaways

So, developing a huge Instagram following is a multifaceted process. You can’t expect to have an overnight success. But following the aforementioned tips will surely enhance your reach day by day. Our social media department has so many more tips on how to get followers on Instagram. Connect with us today to see how we can help!

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