How To Ensure Cultural Sensitivity During Global Marketing Campaigns

ChicExecs Co-Founder and Co-President, Kailynn Bowling, shares tips on how to ensure cultural sensitivity during global marketing campaigns on Newsweek. Below is a highlight with segments from the informative article.

It’s common for businesses to promote themselves in their local area, or even on a national level. But what if it’s time to scale your operations to an international market?

Follow these five tips to nail your next global marketing campaign.

1. Conduct Thorough Market Testing

How will people in your target country respond to a new PR campaign? In addition to researching the country itself, it’s important to speak directly with the people who live there.

2. Test Your Translations And Word Choice

A word could be totally innocuous in your language, but incredibly offensive in another.

Translation fails happen all the time, so you need to work with professional translators who live in the area to which you’re marketing.

3. Consider Political And Religious Affiliations

Depending on where you’re marketing your products, you may need to change messaging and imagery to be appropriate for audiences in that area. When in doubt, conduct local market tests to see if your campaigns are a fit for the region.

4. Watch The Local News

Whether it’s politics or a national tragedy, there are going to be inappropriate times to advertise your products. This is why it’s so important to watch local news and stay aware of what’s going on in your target countries.

5. Check The Calendar For Major Holidays

What major holidays are happening during your campaign?

Look up major holidays, understand how people celebrate them and fine-tune your global marketing campaigns in response.

Play It Safe With Global Marketing

International campaigns can bring in more sales for your brand, but global marketing is something that requires a lot of research and thought. Even if you share a language or a culture with your target audience, you aren’t identical, so tread carefully.

Read Kailynn’s full article here.

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