How To Earn More Publicity With A Targeted Media List

ChicExecs VP of Public Relations and Digital Marketing, Kristen Wessel, shares tips on how to earn more publicity with a targeted media list on Forbes blog. Here’s a highlight.

Do you want to earn more PR and press coverage? Writing a compelling pitch or press release is a good start, but if you really want journalists to pick up your story, you need to pitch the right person.

A media list helps you make the most of your pitches by ensuring you’re reaching the right publications and journalists. Think of your media list as a shortlist of journalists you contact whenever you have a relevant pitch.

If you’re trying to earn more press for your brand, I believe a media list is a must. Learn why every business (including yours) should have a media list and follow the three steps below to build a targeted media list of your own.

Step One: Create Your List

First things first: Create the infrastructure for your media list. If you have a small marketing or PR department, this might be a shared Excel file or a Google Sheet. This is fine when you’re just starting out, but a customer relationship management (CRM) platform is usually the best option.

Step Two: Know Your Buyer Persona

Before you start adding journalists to your media contact list, you need to know which outlets to pitch. To figure that out, you should start with your target audience.

Step Three: Pick The Right Contacts

Now that you know your audience and the relevant outlets to target, it’s time to find the right contacts at those outlets.

Once you compile your list of journalists, it’s time to pitch. Remember to keep your pitches relevant. You only want to send pitches if they align with the journalist’s beat.

Read Kristen’s full blog on how to earn more publicity with a targeted media list.

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