How to Create Healthy Employer-Employee Relationships as You Work from Home

Kailynn Bowling, ChicExecs Marketing Agency’s Co-Founder/Co-President, offers her work from home strategies that benefit both employers and employees on Forbes blog.

Remote work has become the new norm. While we can all agree that it has changed day-to-day operations, we cannot overlook the way in which it’s transforming employer and employee relationships. Many of us are just beginning to understand what it means to perform our jobs as a team yet accomplish them apart. In the past, some of us may have taken our workspaces, and the supportive environments they provided, for granted.

What employers need to do now more than ever is figure out a way to keep lines of communication open with their employees. It’s important to be flexible and understand what’s going on in their world. At the same time, you want to set realistic expectations for your business.

Your rule of thumb should be to lead by example. If you’re not making a smooth transition to working from home yourself, how can you expect your employees to do the same? Find what works best for you, and share that with your team. To save yourself some time and energy adjusting, learn from the veterans. Reach out to those within your network who already have tried-and-true methods of working from home.

The key factor is developing an entirely new routine that works for you and your team. Working from home doesn’t mean you do what you want whenever you want. For those who have just recently started performing their job duties remotely, this can be quite a challenge to overcome as they figure out how to be as productive as possible. As you set up a new routine, keep the following in mind:

  • Set deadlines
  • Manage your time
  • Have a dedicated workspace
  • Stay connected
  • Take breaks

Read Kailynn Bowling’s full Forbes blog for more ways to develop your remote dream team.

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