4 Expert Tips on How to Beat the Instagram Algorithm

How to Beat the Instagram Algorithm

If your social media marketing strategy relies on Instagram, you should be aware of the algorithm changes that are rolled out frequently. You should also learn how to beat the Instagram algorithm to grow your channel. To recap, users now see 90% of posts from their family and friends, which is great when you’re trying to catch up on how Jennys kids are doing but it isn’t as great for businesses posting organic content.

Since you’re reading this, I bet you are wondering what the Instagram algorithm takes into account and how to beat the Instagram algorithm to show your content more often. Well, you’ve come to the right place! As of today, here are the top three factors:

1. Interest

2. Timeliness

3. Relationship

Other factors that the Instagram algorithm takes into consideration:

1. Frequency

2. Following

3. Usage

Understanding the factors is a step in the right direction, but if you’re going to take your social media marketing to the next level, here are some tips on how to beat the Instagram algorithm and stay relevant!

4 Tips on How to Beat the Instagram Algorithm

After the IG algorithm update, your posts’ reach and engagement may reduce. Here we have shared 4 expert tips for success on Instagram.

Tip #1 – Engagement Is Key

Instagram engagement

There’s no rule to engagement, the rule is engagement. Getting your followers to interact with your brand signals to the Instagram algorithm to put more of your posts in their feeds. High quality user generated content on Instagram is more important than ever so be sure to use photos and captions that inspire your followers and compel them to interact with you.

Don’t expect your followers to constantly tell you how great your business, product, or service is though. Start meaningful conversations with them by posing questions or asking them to tell you about their own experiences! Make sure your message is clear and don’t forget relevant hashtags.

Tip #2 – Know Your Instagram Followers

It’s going to sound like common sense, but engaging with your audience means first knowing who they really are. Instagram Insights is a great analytics tool to learn about the demographics of your social media followers. Developing buyer personas is a great step in defining your audience and it comes in handy when you’re building a strategy for writing content. While learning the age and gender of your followers is important, there are often more important things to record like where they live, what hobbies they enjoy, and when they’re most active. Knowing when to post is a perfect transition into our next point.

Tip #3 – Timing Matters

Getting followers on Instagram largely depends on timing. The Instagram algorithm takes the fact that followers want to see fresh, new posts seriously. If you know when your followers are the most active, you can make sure to time your posts so that they see them. Instagram Insights can also help you obtain this information. Now more than ever it’s important to respond to your follower’s comments in a timely manner.

Tip #4 – Get Organized Then Listen

Planning ahead and staying organized with your social media posts creates a cohesive feed. There are a number of tools available that let you manage your accounts, schedule posts, and plan content. You might not be on social media when your followers are, but these platforms can auto-post for you at the most preferable time and they also offer pretty robust analytics.

We at ChicExecs use a platform called Planoly to organize our images and captions and then schedule them out, which enables us to focus on strategically adding value to the content instead of living posting. There are also a number of social media listening tools that monitor and track how and where your brand is mentioned in posts, comments, and hashtags. Awario and Keyhole are two examples that can save you time researching as they gather data across multiple social media platforms.

Connect with us today and well drop some more truth bombs about the Instagram algorithm! We kinda know all about it!

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