How to Be Present With Your Kids When You’re a Working Mom

ChicExecs VP of Public Relations and Digital Marketing, Kristen Wessel, shares her tips on being present with your kids as a working mom on Red Tricycle. Here are highlights from the article.

The pursuit of balance is a neverending one for all moms, but it’s especially tricky for working moms. As a working mom, you know all too well the struggles and pressure that come with succeeding at work and at home.

Try these 5 tips to be more present with your kids, enjoy more quality time, and pursue a work-life balance.

1. Put the Devices Down
I know, I know. It feels physically painful to mute work notifications or place your phone in another room. But if you want to be present with your kids, you need time away from your devices.

2. Prioritize 
The word “priority” is singular—that means you can only have one “most important thing” on your plate at a time. Trying to juggle work priorities and home priorities is just setting you up for failure and mom guilt!

3. Schedule Regular Family Time
Sure, a schedule might take some of the spontaneity out of family time, but if you’re struggling to spend time with your kids, a schedule is a must!

4. Eat Together
Hey, sometimes you’re going to grab Happy Meals on the way to soccer practice, inhaling a burger while you’re stuck in traffic. It happens. But if you’re at home with the kids, make it a point to eat dinner together at the table.

5. Connect With Your Kids
Despite what your moody teenager might say, your kids want to feel connected to you. Even on your most hectic days, saying “I love you” or “You are so special to me” or “I am so proud of you” goes a long way.

Read Kristen’s full article here.


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