Hoppy Paws and Chalk Ink featured on Stylish Cravings

hpcifinalCongratulations to our Clients Hoppy Paws and Chalk Ink for their feature on Stylish Cravings!

Looking to make the Easter extra special for kids or decorate for a party? Hoppy Paws Easter Bunny footprints is the perfect way to do just that! Decorate indoor and outdoor surfaces using the Hoppy Paws stamp kit to create a fun Spring holiday for kids using safe, non-toxic, biodegradable ink. The best part is it washes off using only water- no mess, no fuss.

Hoppy Paws stamping kits create realistic, life-sized prints of Santa’s Reindeer, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth fairy and many more. Your whole family will enjoy a HOPPY Holiday tradition. Check them out at hoppypaws.com!

Traditional chalk is messy, dull, dusty and smears. Switch to Chalk Ink and enjoy a dust free environment, writing that doesn’t smear, vibrant colors that are easy to clean and the ability to write on chalkboards, mirrors, glass, metal, and plastic! 

The all purpose Chalk Ink marker is perfect for retailers, teachers, chefs, artists, designers, gardeners, crafters, sign makers, promotions & more! Check them out at chalkink.com! 

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