Home Cocktail Revolution featured in Her Magazine

herfeatureCongratulations to our Client Home Cocktail Revolution for their feature in Her Magazine!

The ReJigger from Home Cocktail Revolution is a bar tool that combines everything you need to create delicious craft cocktails in your very own home.

It is a cup that is divided into three compartments specifically sized to make a wide variety of cocktails and works with a standard pint glass to become a cocktail shaker and strainer.

The ReJigger comes with a basic recipe guide that explains the ingredients needed to make each cocktail.  For example, to make a gimlet, you would pour gin into the large compartment, lime juice into the medium compartment, and simple syrup into the small compartment.  Then you would pour all the ingredients into a standard pint glass with ice, place the ReJigger on top and shake everything until it is mixed and chilled. Once the cocktail is ready, you can tip the ReJigger to the side and strain your cocktail into a glass and enjoy!

It’s drinking made easy. Check them out at rejiggercocktails.com!

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