Hire The Best Remote Employee With These 4 Hiring Best Practices

Kailynn Bowling, ChicExecs Co-Founder and Co-President, shares her strategies for hiring the best remote employees on Forbes blog. Below is a highlight from the article.

Remote recruiting is a great way to connect with applicants from across the world, but it’s different than face-to-face hiring. How can you hire for culture fit from behind a screen?

If you’re ready to hire a remote employee, follow these four tips to make the most of your next hire.

1. Set up an applicant tracking system.

With in-person recruiting, you can track the entire process with a stack of resumes on your desk but you don’t want an applicant’s email to get lost in your inbox. That’s why every remote organization should use some kind of applicant tracking system.

2. List your ideal skills and qualities.

Does your ideal employee need to know certain skills, tools or software? For example, if you’re hiring a PR professional, they might need to know Cision, PRNewswire, CoverageBook and other PR tools. Be sure to include these skills on your remote job listing so you find the right applicants.

3. Write a better job posting.

A typical job posting might not appeal to today’s remote workers. You can choose the right hire for the job by creating a useful, relevant job posting that attracts top performers.

Your job listing should include:

• Remote work details

• A day in the life of the job

• A video

4. Host phone and video interviews.

It probably isn’t safe or doable to meet in person for remote positions. You’ll have to make the most of phone calls and video chats to learn more about each candidate.

I recommend you don’t start with a video call and first screen candidates with a short 10- to 15-minute phone call asking about their skills, salary expectations and experience. From there, select 5-10 candidates for video interviews.

The bottom line

In today’s work-from-home culture, you can hire anyone from across the globe. With such a wide talent pool, it’s important for you to carefully consider candidates so you can hire the best person for the job.

Focus on each candidates’ skills, personality and company culture fit. With due diligence, you can hire the best employees who will stay with you for the long-term — even in a 100% remote environment.

Read Kailynn’s full blog here.

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