Haute Sprout featured in New York Daily News

hautesproutdailynewsCongratulations to our Client Haute Sprout for their feature in New York Daily News!

Somewhere between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn in small towns and villages local artists have been hand-crafting pieces of beauty for generations.

Designs rooted in ancient culture and tradition have been passed on from one generation of artists to the next. Designers at Haute Sprout hand-pick artists from around the world and adapt their designs for today’s world.

Each piece is designed to add a splash of color and spice to your wardrobe. Each design has a story full of tradition, culture, local flavor and color and is an ambassador of the location it originated from.

Artisans in India have been handcrafting Inlay jewelry for centuries. Natural stones are set in a resin base and when the resin hardens the stones set in place. Haute Sprout designers bring a contemporary twist to this ancient art with their navy and blue inlay pendant.

Check them out at hautesprout.com!

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