Halftee, Nudy Patooty, Sun Kitten Swimwear, Tutublue and Mother Trucker featured on CBS 8 San Diego


Congratulations to our Clients Halftee, Nudy Patooty, Sun Kitten Swimwear, Tutublue and Mother Trucker for their feature on CBS 8 San Diego!

The Halftee is a MUST-HAVE for any womans wardrobe! The Halftee is exactly what it sounds like: a lovely-looking and even softer-feeling top that stops just below the bust line. This allows you to layer all you want without ever having to mess with your undershirt. You wont have to yank down on your shirts, or pull up your skirts. Thats a battle not worth fighting. Check them out at halftee.com!

Cute clothes and sweat stains don’t mix very well and they wont mix at all if you’re wearing a Nudy Patooty. This undergarment provides a base below your clothes to keep perspiration and deodorant stains from getting on your outfit. But that’s not even the best part! Since its made of organic bamboo, Nudy Patooty can help regulate body temperature and keep you cool. Check them out at nudypatooty.com!

Make this 4th of July and summer unforgettable and sexy with Sun Kitten. The scorching Sun Kitten Swimwear will make heads turn on the beach or poolside the holiday and all summer long! Sexy sun kittens can take over the coast with the new summer line. Created by Lizzie Rovsek of Bravos The Real Housewives of Orange County,  the internationally recognized swimwear line is a must-have for sunshine fun. Check them out at sunkittenswimwear.com!

Tutublue is a UPF50 sun-protective activewear brand designed by Sarah Buxton. Tutublue was born of her love of sun, fitness, health and high fashion. The Tutublue collection features a full range of UPF50 activewear for adults and children. The suits are strong, lightweight, breathable, comfortable, quick drying and provide the ultimate protection from the sun. The cut and construction support athletic activity while also creating a nice silhouette for all shapes and sizes. Perfect for any outdoor activity with long or short exposure to the sun. Made in sunny Los Angeles.  Check them out at tutublue.com!

Busy women from all walks of life can appreciate a stylish hat, but moms with small children can actually experience a complete change in their total wellbeing when finding a fantastic looking hat. And Mother Trucker is definitely setting the standard. Trucker Hats are a household name, partly due to the comfort and fit of the caps. Mother Trucker adds their unique, prominent hints of chic glamour to every hat, making them ultra-distinguishable and oozing with pizazz. Vibrant colors with trendsetting hashtags and mottos with a dash of sparkle make up this hat line. (#BLESSED, #THANKFUL, Momzilla, Wifey, boy mama, girl mama, #MOMLIFE #bekind, Just Beachy “ the list goes on.) Check them out at mothertruckerco.com!

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