Grillbots featured on TIME

timegrillbotCongratulations to our Client Grillbots for their feature on Time.com.

Forget about your old grill tools needed to clean your grill after cooking out.  The Grillbot allows you to sit back and relax while it does the work for you.

The entire Grillbot functions through the use of three high-powered electric motors with three replaceable steel brushes.  The brushes spin around and work to scrape the grill surface, while the engines give the Grillbot enough power to do the job and to move it around the surface of the grill.  The grillbot even comes with an LCD alarm and a timer to let you know exactly when the grill is cleaned and ready to use.  When the job is done, the Grillbot’s brushes remove easily and are dishwasher safe.

Check them out at Grillbots.com!

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