PPC Advertising Services That Make Conversions

Our proven, data-driven approach to PPC advertising services management delivers results and insights that help you improve the performance of your PPC ads and achieve your business goals.

At ChicExecs, we know that every campaign is unique and requires a unique strategy. Our team of marketing experts and PPC specialists know exactly how to approach your campaign so we can help you achieve your goals faster and more effectively.

When it comes to running your business, it’s important to focus on the tasks that make you money. We can manage your PPC ads campaigns and optimize them for the best results, freeing up your time so you can focus on what matters.

Pay per click service
Pay per click

What is PPC Ads and Why Your Business Needs It

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, also known as cost-per-click marketing (CPC marketing), or paid search engine marketing (SEM), is an Internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites. As an entrepreneur, you’ll pay a PPC marketing agency when a visitor clicks the ad.

It is a form of online advertising in which you pay for each click on your advert. It’s like running a low-budget billboard campaign, where you only pay when someone sees your advert.

Many digital marketers argue that SEO is an excellent way of generating leads, which is undeniable. However, it can take you long, like months, to start getting inbound customers. if you don’t have the luxury of time and need quick results to start making conversions, utilizing PPC services from ChicExecs is what you need.

With PPC campaign management services, your business can realize the following benefits without wasting time:

Regardless of which level of marketing you are at, PPC can give your business a faster boost, allowing you to cast a larger net and catch new clients. Depending on the magnitude of your PPC campaign, the setup process can take you as little as a few hours and you’ll be up and running in no time.

What makes a campaign successful is the ease of tracking the progress achieved. And PPC management makes it easier through Google Ads and Microsoft AdCenter. These PPC advertising tools enable you to, monitor the performance of your campaigns such as clicks, impressions, and conversions to know which keywords are yielding results and who is interacting with your site more.

PPC advertising gives you total control over various options on how to reach your prospective clients. Plus, you get lots of flexibility in planning your budget so you get to spend according to the depth of your pocket and get results for it.

Another great advantage of using PPC is that it is compatible with other forms of marketing to allow you to maximize the results. when combined with other existing marketing strategies, a PPC campaign can drive more traffic to your online content much faster and improve ROI on every ad spend.

PPC campaign is more than search results. Even though sponsored search results dominate the PPC advertising, you also get the chance to use PPC for your graphic display ads that appear on other sites and video ads on YouTube.

With PPC, you’ll get access to many marketing tools. You not only get to target certain search keywords but it also allows you to set specific perimeters on user demographics, geographic locations, times, and dates through which the ads will run.

PPC services also enable you to achieve dynamic retargeting, allow you to track website visitors, and display ads that are specific to the previously viewed pages.

When properly executed, PPC campaigns will drive increased traffic to your website thus expanding your business visibility and establishing industry dominance.

Pay per click
How Pay per click works

How PPC advertising services Work?

PPC ads are shown alongside search engine results when people search for something related to your product or service. When they click on your advert, you’ll pay the fee, but when they don’t then you don’t.

Your ad must be relevant to the keywords users have searched for so that they’ll click on it! You’ll pay the fee when they click on the ads, hence the more clicks you get the cheaper it becomes.

You can target potential customers by location, age, gender, or even interests. This is an effective way of reaching people who are looking for products like yours because they’ll be much more likely to click on your advert.

PPC advertising services can be an effective way to generate traffic to your site and increase sales. When you use this form of advertising, you pay for each click rather than pay per impression or thousand impressions.

ChicExecs PPC services make it easy to set up your first campaign within minutes (before you know it you’ll be off and running!). All you need is a few basic details about your business and we do the rest – targeting potential customers and getting sales conversions.

ChicExecs Helps Businesses Steer Their Goals Through PPC Advertising Services

Using PPC advertising services do not always guarantee an increased flow of quality traffic. However, allowing a reputable digital marketing agency to do PPC management for you can generate steady quality traffic that drives conversions.

From Facebook to Google ads, we can help you reach your audience through cost-effective paid platforms. Our successful client testimonies do the talking for us. We’ve been managing PPC campaigns worth millions of dollars for various multi-national companies with a global outreach.

Through our PPC services, we can help your business realize increased traffic and conversions, which ultimately increases revenue generation.

Is your business ready for the massive traffic we’re about to generate through our paid advertising? Contact our support team to talk with an expert PPC strategist about increasing your revenue through PPC ads.

PPC Advertising Services

ChicExecs PPC Advertising Services

ChicExecs has a dedicated PPC ads management team composed of paid search advertising specialists to handle every aspect of your campaigns on leading platforms such as Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising. We have a wide range of PPC services to cater to every PPC campaign needs:

Google PPC Ads Management

Google is a global search engine market giant, controlling over 92 percent of the worldwide market share. That tells you that any business that wants to achieve success cannot afford to employ the use of Google Ads to manage their paid search campaigns.

Whether interested in fine-tuning your current PPC campaign or getting started from scratch and you need help with your campaign setup, our specialists at ChicExecs can guide you through the process.

Microsoft PPC Advertising

Any PPC marketing campaign cannot overlook the advantages of using Bing Ads, which also accounts for a significant market share.  If you’re currently using Google for your paid search advertising, then you’re denying your business about 17 percent of the traffic that Bing generates.

At ChicExecs, we have PPC campaign specialists ready to help you implement successful Microsoft Advertising campaigns. Talk to our specialists today to discover more about Bing Ads.

Display Ads Management

While SEO campaigns bank on acquiring more traffic from the search engine results, most typical internet users don’t spend their time on the search engine. Instead, they use the results to access thousands of websites, entertainment, news, and more.

Google Display Network makes it easier to show display ads on these websites to complement your Google Ads campaigns. We can help you implement successful display ads to enhance brand awareness and generate more quality traffic to your website as users browse the internet.

YouTube Advertising

Being the largest video-sharing website and the second leading search engine after Google, YouTube advertising has proven to be a worthwhile investment for those looking to increase their website traffic. ChicExecs can help you with every aspect of YouTube advertising, including in-display video ads, in-stream video ads, video remarketing ads, and overlay in-video ads.

PPC Campaign Optimization

When visitors come to your website through a PPC ad, their intention is more likely to purchase simply browsing through. As such, you need to optimize your results so the visitors can easily find what they’re looking for without much hassle.

Our PPC campaign managers can do all this for you as they have years of experience to help you optimize your PPC campaigns appropriately.

Social Media Advertising

Today, social media holds a larger stake in the world of marketing. No single strategy goes without including social media in the picture because at least 50 percent of consumers get inspiration to purchase through social platforms.

The social media ad strategists at ChicExecs can assist you to develop successful ad campaigns across every major social media site including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. We can create enticing social media display ads that naturally fit the social feeds of your audience.

Shopping Ad Campaign Management

At times, staying put waiting for a potential client to find their way to your product page to give them your sales pitch is time-consuming. And can cost you more sales revenue. Our shopping ads campaign management service can help attract your potential customers across different devices and platforms.

ChicExecs eCommerce PPC advertising uses product images, star ratings, plus similar ad extensions to enhance user engagement. When a user searches for a product they’ve decided to purchase, our strategic shopping ad campaign will ensure your products and services appear first. Our Amazon and Google ad networks can put your product in front of millions of clients across the globe.

Shopping Ad campaign Management

At times, staying put waiting for a potential client to find their way to your product page to give them your sales pitch is time-consuming. And can cost you more sales revenue. Our shopping ads campaign management service can help attract your potential customers across different devices and platforms.

ChicExecs eCommerce PPC advertising uses product images, star ratings, plus similar ad extensions to enhance user engagement. When a user searches for a product they’ve decided to purchase, our strategic shopping ad campaign will ensure your products and services appear first. Our Amazon and Google ad networks can put your product in front of millions of clients across the globe.

Why Choose ChicExecs PPC Advertising Services?

ChicExecs values client relationships. We demonstrate this by understanding the needs of our clients before devising a campaign that will address their concerns fully.

To prove our worth, we offer a free PPC ads campaign audit to all our prospective clients. This way, you can rest assured that our PPC advertising services will be solving actual problems that exist in your current strategy.

No Long-term Binding Contracts

ChicExecs believes in offering flexibility to suit every entrepreneur’s needs. Unlike other PPC management companies, we won’t hold you captive with strict contracts. You get to choose whether to stay or leave, but trust us, our expertise in delivering PPC campaign success will keep you glued. 

Optimized PPC Marketing Costs

What makes your PPC campaigns expensive is implementing strategies that you’re not sure whether they’re working. With us, every PPC ad developed is monitored, measured, and thoroughly analyzed to improve its performance. That way, every bit of your ad spend generates value hence lowering your overall costs of advertising.

How We Work with You

While with us, you’ll get the feeling that we can stretch ourselves to meet your requirements. ChicExecs believes in building long-lasting partnerships, not recruiting customers. We work closely with our clients to devise a customized PPC advertising campaign that meets their needs. You can be assured that we take your worries into account before putting together any type of marketing campaign.

Hands-on Expertise

We employ experts to help you make sound decisions when it comes to PPC management; this way, you’ll never find yourself without the know-how required for successful online advertising. ChicExecs has an award-winning team with unparalleled skills in analytics and data management.

We leverage our PPC management knowledge coupled with our deep understanding of user behavior to fine-tune campaigns for optimal performance.

Dedicate Account Managers

When there are questions you need answers for, it can be challenging to seek clarification when there is no dedicated account manager for your PPC campaign. ChicExecs delivers a personalized client experience where every campaign has a dedicated PPC account manager to handle all your concerns.

Transparent PPC Management Pricing

At the top of every PPC advertising campaign is a budget concern. We would not want to ruin your marketing budgets by imposing unclear charges. As such, our pricing plan is clear and comes in form of packages highlighting what you will get at a particular cost.

Every plan has a clear breakdown of what will be done once you’re onboarded. We want you to realize the true value of your money for every ad spend.

Regular Detailed Reports

We track, monitor, analyze every PPC campaign and furnish our customers with detailed reports regularly. Whether you need weekly or monthly reports, our team will generate detailed reports and walk you through them to understand how your PPC campaigns are performing.

Regular detailed reports

We track, monitor, analyze every PPC campaign and furnish our customers with detailed reports regularly. Whether you need weekly or monthly reports, our team will generate detailed reports and walk you through them to understand how your PPC campaigns are performing.

How We Deliver Our PPC Advertising Services

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising companies have their way of delivering their PPC services. Our angle is very different, designed to maximize the benefits to our clients:

Most PPCs play by the same rules, but ChicExecs has its own way of doing things – and it’s very different! We focus on results for our clients, not just clicks or conversions. We take a holistic approach to your program, which includes research and planning before ever touching a mouse. And we’re committed to providing the best service you can find in the industry.

Keyword research

Creating a list of keywords will dictate the search queries for which the PPC ads will appear on. Keyword research is one effective way of ensuring your ads are shown to targeted audiences under proper circumstances.
Your assigned PPC campaign strategist from ChicExecs will conduct in-depth keyword research for your services and products to identify opportunities that are most lucrative to your business.

Conversion metrics optimization

All the gimmicks digital marketing agencies present to you won’t matter. All that matters to your campaigns is lead generations and sales conversions. Our PPC advertising services optimize your campaign for sales conversions, not click-through rates (CTR), impressions, or clicks.
Our PPC experts will optimize your campaigns for the metrics that matter to you and your business depends on.

No auto-managed campaigns

Some PPC marketing agencies tend to use autopilot management of accounts as their plate becomes full. Some do it right from day one. ChicExecs operate differently. Every campaign is managed manually on a day-to-day basis.
This allows our PPC campaign managers to keep tabs on the performance of your account, allowing your business to realize improvements faster.

Reporting through easily comprehensible language

You’re an entrepreneur focused on generating revenue. Your work is not to interpret and decode tough reports with technical jargon. That’s why we prioritize creating reports with easy-to-understand language to give you an easy time.

Client-owned PPC Accounts

Whether you have an ongoing PPC campaign or looking to build one, our PPC services will help you establish a strong account and make you the sole owner. That means, whether you stick with ChicExecs or seek services from another agency, your PPC account will remain yours.

Localized PPC management approach

ChicExecs are experts in localizing your campaign to find your customers in the countries where they are most responsive. We have access to international data across all verticals and sectors so you can trust us with your global ambitions.

ChicExecs Client Onboarding Process

When we first encounter a client, we follow a series of steps aimed at welcoming the client and making them feel part of our team. Our onboarding process entails the following steps:

We take our client onboarding process seriously because it is what will determine how we implement our PPC campaigns to success. We request the client to share information about their PPC campaigns, target clients, and competition.

Don’t worry about writing essays for that –  we have a clear and precise questionnaire that lets you share all the information we need to get your PPC on the right track. We also engage the client further, either through emails or phone calls to seek clarification in areas that are not clear.

What do you have implemented already? Is it working or harming your business? How best can we restructure your campaign to make it more fruitful? We answer these and many other questions by conducting an audit of your existing PPC campaign.

Our expert PPC strategists have a unique and effective audit process plus a list of items to be checked to determine the status of your PPC account. We do our best to gather past performance data and create a baseline for building your PPC campaign afresh.

After collecting as much information about your account as possible, our PPC strategists will create a PPC campaign plan and share it with you for review and approval. Our plan highlights every key step to be implemented.

At this level, our PPC experts will optimize the different account settings to prepare your account. These include campaign setup, ad copywriting, ad group creation, goal tracking mechanism setup, and many other key steps. We will also do keyword research to ensure your PPC account is fully set up or restructured ready for business.

Our writers take pride in their years of producing persuasive, informative, and precise ads for PPC campaigns.  We will work closely with you to create PPC ads that adhere to all search engine ad requirements and guidelines, such as character limit and more.

Every ad copy generated is consistently tested to determine if it works as needed.

While designing your ads, we take into consideration several factors, including your brand. We also strive to make them attention-grabbing, engaging, and precise. Our experts will pay attention to the requirements of the chosen platform, such as size recommendations and more.

Your PPC campaign does not stop at attracting a click. The success must be complemented with an engaging landing page to make conversions. Our design experts will design and develop the best landing page practices that go hand in hand with PPC campaigns.

For years, we have been designing, developing, testing, and fine-tuning landing page setups for various industries. Regardless of your product niche, trust ChicExecs to generate sales converting landing pages.

ChicExecs value reporting just as coming up with a PPC campaign because, without detailed reports, it’s harder to know whether the strategy is successful or not.  Every PPC account will receive a personalized dashboard report that lets the client view the important metrics at glance.

All our reports are updated regularly to present you with the up-to-date status of your account. The reports are generated in an easy-to-understand manner while addressing the most important concerns of your business; leads, and sales.  You’ll have full access to your account at any time to view the data and reports whenever you please.

Building An Online Dominance for Your Business The ChicExecs Style

With ChicExecs, you’ll never have to worry about hiring another PPC agency again! The team at ChicExecs will be your in-house PPC experts, handling all aspects of your account management in-house.

We handle everything PPC. That’s right – all of it! You’ll never need to spend another minute worrying about your PPC account again. We’ll handle everything for you, from keyword research and planning campaigns to setting up manually managed campaigns for you – all at a fraction of the cost!

Don’t wait any longer – give your business the sales boost it deserves with our PPC services. Contact our customer support today to get started on your PPC journey.

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