Four Ways Businesses Can Adjust During a Crisis


ChicExecs VP of Public Relations and Digital Media, Kristen Wessel, shares four ways to keep your business going during a crisis, like a pandemic, and how to attract new customers in the process on Forbes blog.

Were living in uncertain times. Not only is the public worried about the COVID-19 pandemic, but there’s also predicted economic fallout from the virus. Many people are out of work for the foreseeable future. Schools are shutting down for weeks on end, with talks to end the spring semester early. Events are canceled, and people are staying at home. While the coronavirus pandemic will end, navigating a crisis can be a troubling time for local business owners.

1. Acknowledge The Crisis

If you don’t publicly acknowledge a crisis as a business, you risk coming off as tone-deaf. For instance, one of the first steps to acknowledging COVID-19 is to change your hygiene practice at your physical location by following the latest CDC guidelines for business owners.

2. Give Advice And Help

Do you have a product that would be useful during a crisis? Maybe you sell video games, cleaning supplies, books or other useful products for people who need to self-quarantine.

3. Offer Discounts And Incentives

Right now, unless you own a grocery store, people probably aren’t banging on your front door. As a business owner, you need to give shoppers more reasons to buy from you and ways to find you when their attention might be directed elsewhere.

4. Reassure Your Employees

During a crisis, you want to experience as few interruptions with your workforce as possible. Its important for business owners to reassure their employees during a crisis. Let it be known that you’re doing everything you can to keep your business running.

Read Kristen Wessel’s full Forbes blog for more tips on how to keep your business going during a crisis.


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