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lydia vargo

ChicExecs VP of Global Strategic Accounts Lydia Vargo shares her story of working with ChicExecs and becoming a regular contributor of content through the Forbes Business Development Council on the Forbes blog.

The wonderful thing about Forbes Councils is that it’s very vetted, she says. These are like-minded people and were all eager to share, but were also really eager to learn. The content Vargo writes is crafted to share thought leadership and to give readers an understanding of ChicExecss brand identity. I really have loved being a part of Forbes Councils, she says.

When Lydia Vargo first interviewed with ChicExecs co-founders Nikki Carlson and Kailynn Bowling seven years ago, she recalls that they asked a lot of questions that she felt were assessing whether or not she was a good fit for the company. Rather than discussing her skills and her resume, which spoke for itself, her potential employers encouraged Vargo to talk about the elements of her career that got her most excited.

For her part, Vargo was impressed with their overall vision of what they wanted for their people. I loved their story and their journey. The culture and belief system that Nikki and Kailynn have fostered is very much just empowering people to grow, says Vargo. “And entrepreneurialism is very, very important.

Vargo started out doing PR work for ChicExecs and was then asked to head a new retail strategy team. I started working with buyers and presenting our brands for retail, which was really exciting, and I loved it, says Vargo. As the company grew, she then moved into a leadership role on the sales team.

I never considered myself a salesperson, she says. But I think that the best salespeople, their gift is not selling ” its understanding people and recognizing what they need for their business and then presenting the right options. A good salesperson is willing to walk away if they’re offering a service that the brand doesn’t need.

Read Lydia Vargo’s full Forbes blog to learn more about her history working at ChicExecs and her past professional experiences.

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