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fitbookCongratulations to our Client fitlosophy for their feature on About.com!

Being a family means being a team and making decisions that affect the health and well-being of everybody. At fitlosophy they’ve created an innovative tool that inspires families to improve their health together and work towards common goals.

The fitbook fampack comes with their flagship top-selling fitbook for the parents and a fitbook junior to help teach kids and their grown up counterparts the importance of exercise, nutrition, and how to set healthy goals for the future.

As the head of the family, parents need to set a good example by taking advantage of the unique design of the original fitbook. This personalized and flexible 12 week system helps parents set goals for themselves and the whole family, track their progress with workout records, food logs, and nutrient information, and ultimately reach their goals. Its small design and durable build makes it easy to tote along to the gym, while its thoughtful layout lends itself well to quick notes and updates.

Ensuring their kids grow up with the know-how for taking care of themselves is the number one aim for parents, and the fitbook junior helps them attain it. This journal is geared towards kids to help them get moving and thinking about the welfare of their bodies. Through its use they learn to set goals for food, exercise, home life, and school and are motivated through its fun design to make a game plan, track their progress, and earn rewards. It’s no wonder that schools are even taking an interest in it, as 86% of parents have seen a noticeable change in their children’s awareness of healthy eating and daily activity through its use.

Check them out at getfitbook.com!

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