Ergo Chef featured on Examiner.com

ecCongratulations to our Client Ergo Chef for their feature on Examiner.com!

Every chef needs a few essential utensils in the kitchen and one of them is Ergo Chef’s three-piece DUO tong set. It comes with a nine-inch green silicone pair that is ideal for serving, a 12-inch black pair that is great for cooking over a stovetop and an even longer 15-inch pair that we use when grilling.

The set can withstand high temps and feature one side of the head coated in silicone for use with a nonstick pan. The other side has teeth with grips for pulling pasta out of a pot, flipping a steak on the grill or turning vegetables over. Because they are made of silicone, this tong set is able to withstand high temperatures up to 500 degrees so you can put them in a deep fryer and let the slot in the heads drain the oil before plating your dish. When you are finished cleaning them, simply lock the slide ring to close them before storing.

Check them out at ergochef.com!

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