Eco Dog Care featured on Examiner.com


Congratulations to our Client Eco Dog Care for their feature on Examiner.com!

Being “green” doesn’t mean compromise – our pups get dirty playing, running and hiking with us. They’ve got to get really clean and smell great. After all, they live with us — on our couches, in our cars and on our beds (even when we’re not looking). Eco Dog Care shampoos and other care products are eco-friendly — all-natural ingredients that work well without phosphates, parabens or other toxins on your pup, your hands or in the water supply. And their sophisticated scent is crisp and fresh – you’ll want to bury your nose in your pup’s fur.

But eco-friendly is just the beginning of what makes their products special. They’ve infused their healthy base ingredients with a unique blend of eco-smart essential oils and botanicals. Their grooming products tap into the power of Nature to cleanse, soothe, heal and protect with ancient ingredients like Neem, Myrrh, Lavender, Cedar, Ylang-Ylang and Bergamot. Their natural blend can also repel fleas and other pests – stopping their hop on your dog (and you!) before they can bite!

Eco Dog care does good things for your dog and the environment and they also support donation and adoption events, a double plus. Find out more at eco-dog-care.myshopify.com.


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