Doodle Pants featured in Staten Island Paren’t

siparentdoodlepantsfeatureCongratulations to our Client Doodle Pants for their feature in Staten Island Paren’t!

Doodle Pants offers an adorable line-up of leggings geared toward tots. For little girls and boys who love to wiggle, crawl, toddle, or climb, Doodle Pants give them the freedom of movement they crave along with comfort, warmth, and fun designs and colors.

Doodle Pants were created to be a comfy and snug option for those who are still in their diapers as well as those who have grown out of that stage. Made from a soft stretchy material, these leggings move along with their wearer and won’t lose their shape, even for the most vigorous crawler.

From robots and hot air balloons to unicorns and kittens, each has its own unique style. The fun doesn’t stop there! Up and down the legs run fun patterns in colors that correspond to the design. For instance, the adorable robot pants feature colorful gears, and the girlie unicorn leggings are bedecked with hot pink stars to make them even more magical.

Check them out at doodlepants.com!

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