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Realizing business goals in a highly competitive market is not that easy as it used to be a decade ago.

Today, consumers have become wiser and more informed with the widespread of information across the globe. With the search engines becoming more intelligent, it’s increasingly becoming difficult for businesses that still adhere to the old sales gimmick.

As such, you need a data-driven digital marketing services provider that addresses clients’ issues without sounding like a marketing stunt. Gone are the old days of relying on TV ads to reach a larger market share. That’s because more people consult the internet for virtually every service they seek.

Today, the US ranks third globally with more than 300 million active users, which translates to a bigger market for your business. But that’s not all, the competition among businesses offering similar products and services has grown fiercely to scramble for the available market. Only the shrewd entrepreneurs who rely on online marketing services from top marketing agencies have a better chance of increasing their brand awareness.

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Digital Marketing Services Are A Key Part of Business Development

Why Digital Marketing Services Are A Key Part of Business Development

In a world where information is shared at an ever-increasing speed, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Today, most businesses have a digital presence, but whether they have a business development strategy in place to support it is a different story. Digital marketing services are a must in today’s business environment.

Business development for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) is a tricky thing. You’re essentially trying to grow your sales without any additional help or budget, and that means you need to be smart about how you allocate your time and resources. Even if running a multi-million enterprise with market dominance, you cannot overlook the importance of implementing a proper result-oriented marketing strategy.

Fortunately, there’s an entire branch of marketing that can help: digital marketing. It’s something that many SMBs don’t think about, but it can bring in a steady flow of leads and sales for your business.

With a well-planned online marketing strategy, the group of potential clients that you can find online is much larger than that you are likely to attract at a local level. Through digital marketing services, it’s possible to attract a massive audience more cost-effectively and measurably.

Other perks that your brand stands to enjoy from digital marketing services include:

Every business, including multi-million enterprises, needs a stream of new customers to continue growing. Having your marketing campaigns created and implemented by a competent digital marketing agency can help you bring your brand closer to prospects and convert them into loyal customers.

Digital marketing services can save money if you build an audience. If you’re able to build an audience of loyal customers who are interested in what you have to offer, you can reduce your expenses by spending money on things like advertising, because you’ll already have an audience that’s interested in what you have to offer.

Likewise, if you can educate your audience about your products and benefits, then you can increase the chance that they’ll become your ideal customers. and as such, they can recommend your brand to their peers, thus increasing your market share.

Digital marketing is the ultimate extension of your brand, which is something that you can’t replicate using traditional advertising campaigns. If done right, advertising only serves to measure the extent to which you’re affecting the overall brand.

However, digital marketing is more about your personality than anything and impacts your success in your overall business development efforts. If you’re able to establish relationships with influencers within your industry, you can actively befriend and engage with them—getting links from them, sharing their content on your company blog, and engaging with your followers on social media.

There is no single business on the planet without competition. Even the dominant global brands have to keep tabs with their competitors to ensure they are not left behind. Online marketing services from a reputable marketing agency like ChicExec can help you understand what the competitors are doing and what the market demands so you can meet those expectations.

Online reputation management is essential, but the most expensive part of that process is the digging up of up dirt about your competitors.

When you’re conducting reputation management through digital means, you can get far more realistic and effective at it, because you’re not selling anything other than the fact that your brand is being mentioned on various online platforms. And that means you have an opportunity to target people within your industry and reach out to them when the time is right.

For this reason, a good reputation management agency may cost a few thousand dollars, but this price isn’t the point at all. The point is that it’s going to be better than any other agency or provider out there. You’re going to be able to talk to the people who can actually relate to what you do, rather than looking for generic masses to contact.

Digital marketing campaign attributes to a bigger percentage of any business’s success. Whether it’s a small or large business, digital marketing is a great way to increase your business visibility. Digital marketing services include a variety of different strategies, such as PPC, SEO, social media, blogging, and email marketing. The most important aspect of digital marketing, however, is the amount of value it provides.

A digital marketing strategy should always be a little different from a traditional lead generation strategy. When generating leads for your company, you need to give users a clear definition of what your company does and why it is such a good choice. This gets your users to take action and provides your business with valuable lead information.

Digital marketing can be really effective to increase your sales conversion rate. By collecting all data related to your marketing efforts and properly analyzing them, it will be easier to identify areas that need improvement or elimination so you can focus on what works to drive your sales conversion rates.

For your information, the benefit of implementing appropriate digital marketing strategies is not limited to the above. Working with a marketing agency that understands your core business and industry will bring you closer to achieving your business goals.

At ChicExec, we work with a custom digital marketing approach to ensure that all the efforts applied produce profitable results.

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Building An Online Dominance

Building An Online Dominance for Your Business The ChicExecs Style

ChicExecs, Retail PR Services Provider & Digital Marketing Agency strives to enhance your business image and make your core agenda known to your prospects to drive sales. We follow a dynamic and versatile approach to offering fully-fledged digital marketing services to online entrepreneurs through building custom client relationships.

ChicExecs thrives on building trust through search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing services to generate traffic that drives sales. We’re not limited to a specific industry as we’ve been providing our marketing strategies to various clients for decades.

We work with a professional team of marketing strategists, designers, web developers, among others to deliver custom digital marketing services that suit your business model. 

The digital marketing agency was co-founded by Nikki Carlson and Kailynn Bowling, the industry’s renowned professionals for more than 15 years. Having made contributions to Forbes and other leading magazines, the co-founders believe in the client inclusion strategy, which they have successfully managed to implement at ChicExecs.

With a successful and objective team working by its side, ChicExecs always delivers quality internet marketing services that are data-driven to maximize returns on investment (ROI). We have a wide client portfolio that can attest to the quality of our internet marketing services.

Our Range of Digital Marketing Services for Business Growth

We are a full-service digital marketing agency with a team of experts in social media marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, SEO, PPC, email marketing, SMS Marketing, and conversion rate optimization. Here are our digital marketing services that can drive your business development agenda in the right direction.

Search engine optimization

Most people search on search engines especially Google when they need any services or products. They visit the web pages got on Google’s first page and decide to purchase products or services. It’s important to have brand visibility and existence on Google to achieve the trust of your customer that helps them to make purchase decisions. 

Our search engine optimization services help you to get ranked on Google’s first page. That means your website will get targeted organic traffics. It will increase targeted leads and customers.

Local SEO

Generally, SEO is essential to any business, regardless of the size, whether an SMB or a large-scale enterprise. But local SEO is particularly important if your business primarily relies on local customers to make sales.

It’s a fact that 97 percent of consumers now rely on the internet when searching for local service providers. With our local SEO services, we can help you bring your business closer to these consumers so you can increase quality traffic and generate more sales. If you need to target clients from specific geographic regions, our local SEO services can help achieve that.

Google Local Service Ads

Google Local Service Ads are an excellent way to quickly connect prospects looking for services with your business. They are the cheapest digital marketing strategy to implement, available in both desktop and mobile searches.

ChicExecs has a whole team of dedicated Google marketing services who will manage the entire campaign for you, from setting up the profile and optimization to creating bid strategies for your business.

Link Building

Getting a high stream of website traffic from highly trusted authority sites can help your business meet its lead generation targets. Our link-building service capitalizes on sponsorships, collaborations, and paid advertisements to readily present your web pages in front of influential figures.

Our strategy also entails guest blogging, publishing unique and compelling content, boosting social media engagements, and distributing data-driven infographics. These strategies are carefully implemented by experts and in turn, create backlinks that generate more sales.

Customer Retargeting Services

Customer retargeting is a proven way of enticing your audience to make a purchasing decision by showing them ads of your products. After running a search of a product or service, you can retarget the users who didn’t make a purchase with relevant ads and convert them into loyal clients.

With our retargeting advertising service, you can keep the desire for your product in every prospect that shows a slight interest in them. We can help you do it the right way so it doesn’t appear as annoying.

Web design and development

Websites are no longer built to just create an online business presence. Every business needs a professionally designed, developed, and optimized to share information about your brand with Google. When search engine crawl bots find your website more appealing, it will lead to building a stronger foundation for enhanced search visibility and online presence.
Our website design and development services will lay a strong foundation upon which your business can build its campaigns on. We will ensure that your website meets page experience and speed standards of Google thus converting more traffic into quality leads.

PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising, when structured properly, can serve as a short and long-term marketing strategy to put your business at the top of SERP. Our PPC analysts hold high qualifications and certifications from Google and Microsoft, having met the requirements of these tech giants to provide PPC services.

By working with ChicExecs, you will have a skilled PPC team experienced at reducing the costs per lead for every PPC to increase your ROI.

Digital Marketing Competitive Analysis

What determines the rate of success for your digital marketing campaigns is the dependence on data to know what works and what doesn’t.

We have skilled digital marketing strategists with years of experience in analyzing PPC and SEO campaigns against the requirements of search engine algorithms. Our digital competitive analysis service will scrutinize your website alongside those of your competitors to establish an objective way of improving your site’s SEO and performance.

Email marketing

Email marketing ranks as the top digital marketing strategy for generating organic traffic. It gives you the chance to attract the attention of clients that are genuinely interested in your brand. For every dollar spent in email marketing, your business stands to gain $44 revenue on average. That’s why it must be implemented right by a competent digital marketing agency.

ChicExecs email marketing service can help you remain in the minds of your clients and prospects whenever they think of a service or product you deal with. We can help you create custom newsletters with a sales-driving copy.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Your journey to making conversions is halfway done when you get a visitor to your website. With our conversion rate optimization service, you can fine-tune your website to turn visitors into customers. we will optimize your website for voice and mobile search, build uncluttered landing pages, include verified payment methods, and make it easier to navigate.

Online Reputation Management

The online reputation of a brand determines its success rate to a greater extent. Local businesses with positive reviews online tend to enjoy consumer trust more. About 87 percent of consumers will reach out to a business new to them if it has more positive reviews.

Building a stronger market reputation creates a better marketing efficiency for businesses. ChicExecs understands this well, which is why we have a dedicated team tasked with managing your business’s online reputation.

eCommerce Marketing

eCommerce accounts for 23 percent of Year-over-year (YoY) revenue. With our eCommerce marketing services, you can take advantage of the various eCommerce opportunities to promote your products. Our internet marketing agency offers a wide range of eCommerce solutions to drive massive traffic to your online store.

We can help you generate more quality product reviews, optimize product pages, and customize marketing strategies, eCommerce SEO services according to your client needs.

Content marketing

Any digital marketing campaign is deemed incomplete without incorporating quality content creation. It’s an invaluable service as it’s estimated that online businesses that create high-quality content witness increased sales conversions of up to six times more than those companies that don’t.

However, you wouldn’t expect any digital marketing service agency to deliver that. Our approach to content marketing is a personalized one. We work with expert content creators who go beyond their way to study your business, industry, and audience to generate high-quality content.

Our approach also incorporates SEO and custom graphics design to make it easier for people to find your brand through blog posts, engaging articles, infographics, video marketing services among others.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the strongest pillars of digital marketing strategies implemented by successful enterprises worldwide. About 97 percent of the Fortune 500 companies were reported to have used at least a single social media platform for promoting their brand.

According to statista.com, 71 percent of small to medium businesses rely on social media marketing to increase brand awareness and drive more sales. That’s a clear indication that any business that strives for success cannot afford to disregard social media marketing.

With virtually everyone with a social media profile spending 3 hours on average per day on their favorite platforms, you can seize the opportunity to showcase your brand at the right time. ChicExecs can help you establish result-driven social media marketing services aimed at growing leads, engaging more audiences, and enhancing brand dominance.

We have seasoned social media marketing strategists who understand how to present your brand to the audience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more.

Why Entrust Your Digital Marketing Campaign to ChicExecs

ChicExecs logo on smartphone

ChicExecs is an award-winning digital marketing service agency managed by women entrepreneurs driven by the desire to share their expertise with the business world. We help businesses trying to establish market dominance succeed in a highly competitive market by presenting them with opportunities to increase brand awareness, client retention, and sales conversion.

Our internet marketing services deliver the digital success that your brand desires by working with industry experts. By entrusting your digital marketing campaigns to us, you stand to benefit from the following perks:

Data-driven campaign strategies

Our agency relies heavily on conducting research and analysis to provide proven strategies that work. we can help your business deliver the appropriate message across the board with our result-driven digital marketing services.
Our approach focuses on analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your business to identify underlying opportunities that you’re yet to utilize. Our SWOT analysis aims to create updated metrics that help us identify essential insights for your business’ success.

Seasoned industry expertise

Our agency has been in the industry for decades and prides itself on a of seasoned digital marketing experts with a combined experience of over 75 years. We follow a specialized approach in delivering services, in that every marketing strategy has a dedicated team of experts.
We are focused, well trained, and updated with the latest innovations and trends to ensure our customers are up to date with important requirements such as Google SEO guidelines.

Personalized ongoing support

When you become part of our team, we deliver a customized customer experience. Our strategies are designed based on your business model to ensure that every effort implemented yields results. we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach as with many digital marketing service providers. We implement our strategies based on your unique needs.
Even after implementing a successful digital marketing campaign, we do not stop at that. We will continue to monitor your progress closely so that we never lose touch with your campaign.

Monitored and evaluated marketing campaigns

Implementing strategies without knowing whether they work or not is a blind approach to digital marketing. At ChicExecs, we establish key performance indicators (KPI) and campaign metrics, which we monitor and evaluate regularly to deliver value for your ad spend.
By relying on metrics from Google Analytics, we make adjustments to your online marketing strategies to target the audience that is interested in your brand.

24/7 customer support

Are you running an eCommerce store that requires customer support round the clock? Don’t worry, we have a dedicated customer support team on standby ready to address your queries as soon as you need us. Our customer support department works closely with our experts to ensure that your concerns are properly addressed to satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Out of all the digital marketing services that we offer, we cannot single out service as the best for your business. It all depends on several factors, including the goals you want to achieve, who your audiences are, how much you’re willing to spend on marketing among others. As we have seen with most of our past clients, it’s best if you try to implement if not all, at least the integral ones that matter most to your business. Our experts can help you determine the services that best suit your brand.

 Running a business that relies on local customers for sales is great if you already have established dominance. Even then, without implementing digital marketing campaigns, it will be much more difficult to expand your customer base and attend to users looking for your services online. Remember, a good number of internet users run an online search first even when looking for local businesses. As such, your business can benefit the most by implementing local SEO and Google Local advertising campaigns.

As an entrepreneur, it’s essential to set a budget for your digital marketing campaign. A budget ensures that you do not overspend and burden other aspects of running the business. By working with a reputable online marketing agency like ChicExec, you can choose the most essential campaign packages that you can afford and then upgrade as your business continues to expand.

Digital marketing is all about making your brand visible to the market. Even if just getting started, an entrepreneur does not need to worry about the dominance of the competition. Instead, focusing on implementing the right internet marketing strategies can attract more customers from the competitors to your camp. You simply need a reputable digital marketing services provider who understands your industry well.

I am running on a tight budget. How expensive are digital marketing services?

As an entrepreneur, it’s essential to set a budget for your digital marketing campaign. A budget ensures that you do not overspend and burden other aspects of running the business. By working with a reputable online marketing agency like ChicExec, you can choose the most essential campaign packages that you can afford and then upgrade as your business continues to expand.

As a startup, what chance do I have against already established businesses if I implement digital marketing?

Digital marketing is all about making your brand visible to the market. Even if just getting started, an entrepreneur does not need to worry about the dominance of the competition. Instead, focusing on implementing the right internet marketing strategies can attract more customers from the competitors to your camp. You simply need a reputable digital marketing services provider who understands your industry well.

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