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ChicExecs is a content marketing agency that creates custom, awe-inspiring content for your digital marketing campaign to drive sales. Start your journey of making conversions hassle-free through content that sells itself.

We’re an award-winning digital marketing services provider with more success stories than we can count. We value creating engaging content for your campaigns. That’s why our team works with specialties to achieve that goal. Our team is composed of researchers, analysts, content creators, and editors to ensure your content marketing game is right on track.

Whether you need a sales copy, blog post, product descriptions, online guides, or video, ChicExecs is your ultimate content marketing agency.

What’s Content Marketing

What’s Content Marketing?

Content marketing is an comeprehensive term that covers blogging, social media management, video creation, and other strategies aimed at getting potential customers to read your stuff. The goal is to get people interested in your product or service to visit your website to learn more about it and convert.

If you’re considering content marketing for your business, you’ve come to the right place! In today’s increasingly digital and social media world, many companies finally realize that producing original content — not just about their products or services but also industry trends, events, and issues — is an effective way to enhance brand awareness and recognition.

Let Your Story Do The Work And Attract More Customers With ChicExecs

Creating quality content that defines your brand and aligns with your target audience’s interests matters. And creating content the traditional way doesn’t produce desired results anymore. You need unique quality content that’ll leave a trace in the minds of your audience.

We know just how to do that, and the result will speak for itself. A team of specialists carries out ChicExecs content marketing services to guarantee you the following:

Every project gets a dedicated writer with the skills and experience to create high-quality, top-notch content. You’ll be able to work with us until you’re delighted with the final product.

Your project will be assigned a writer with expertise in your industry and expert knowledge of your target audience. It will be written exclusively for you and how you want it to read. If you’re new to the whole idea of content marketing, don’t worry, we have experts to help you define how your content needs to be to connect with the right audience.

We’ve got writers who can craft content in as little as 4 hours – so if your campaign needs something fast, we’re here for you! We’ll work quickly to meet your deadline and exceed expectations – guaranteed!

At ChicExecs, we understand the value that customized content produced by industry specialists means for your business. That’s why we have industry-specific content developers to build content for every industry niche.

We don’t produce generic content. Instead, we analyze your business, industry niche, and client base to create appropriate content.

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The Pillars Of ChicExecs Content Marketing Service

ChicExecs has diversified its content marketing services to cater to all types of content needs for our customer base. Our experienced content developers comprise niche writers, SEO experts, passionate graphic designers, social media marketing strategists, and content marketers.

Working as a capable team, we’re adept at generating content for every platform and driving traffic. Choose from our wide range of content marketing services below to kickstart your content marketing campaign today.

Sometimes you could have ideas that you’d like to share with your customers, but they can be too complex to do through blog posts. That’s where infographics kick in to explain your ideas better to your customers.

They’re mainly presented in bullet points, roman numerals, or numbers instead of the lengthy contents like in blogs. We have experienced content creators to provide creative graphic design services and explain your complex ideas in infographics, so your audience remains glued to your brand.

While it’s crucial to have a website for your products and services, you cannot dismiss blogs. They’re essential in educating your customers and prospects about your services and products. That’s why it’s necessary to ensure your blog content drives your brand awareness and traffic through visual storytelling.

Our blog content writers can quickly help you establish a versatile platform for publishing your brand awareness content to engage your clients. We’ll create elaborate, detailed, up-to-date, and audience-targeted blog posts for your business to realize the results it needs.

While creating your blog posts, the aspect of search engine optimization will always be incorporated. Our keyword research expertise can help you choose appropriate keywords that resonate with your brand and your audience is already searching online.

With the widespread of video-sharing platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, it’s clear that everyone loves watching videos. More content being produced nowadays is navigating towards video, and that’s why your content marketing campaign should never leave out videos.

Creating fascinating videos isn’t easy, but they produce the best results if done correctly. Our video content creators can help you attract a large audience through our video marketing services on major video-sharing platforms.

Your video is a critical piece in your content marketing strategy. A properly executed video can be a valuable tool at the top of the funnel to generate interest in your business or at the bottom of the funnel to provide social proof and close deals. We create custom videos for each client, following their brand guidelines and preferences. Our team puts in the time to produce valuable videos that can be used in a minimal amount of time.

Don’t be surprised to see email marketing under content marketing services because it’s an aspect that requires unique content creation. We can craft newsletters that connect with your customers’ emotions through our best content marketing practices.

Before sending out your newsletters, you need to build an email list. Getting your website visitor to subscribe to your newsletters requires them to trust your brand. That’s why our content marketing service is closely linked to email marketing service.

Apart from newsletters, our content writers can craft unique, engaging promotional emails and press releases to update your clients about your brand, campaigns, and events. The whole idea of email marketing is getting the recipients to engage with your brand. That’s why our experts are adept at creating a catchy call to action that addresses your customers’ concerns at any level of the sales funnel.

Do you want a sales copy that drives traffic every time your audience comes into contact with it? Our copywriters can produce high-quality content that outlines the features and perks of your services and products.

ChicExecs’ digital marketing team will provide detailed content with the right SEO practices according to search engine algorithm requirements. We know how to create an attention-grabbing landing page that generates leads and drives sales conversions for those visitors at the bottom of the funnel.

Despite being short, testimonials and reviews are an excellent way of establishing trust in your audience. Today, everyone relies on reviews to make a purchasing decision. You can take advantage of this simple content marketing strategy to give your website visitors confidence in your brand.

You can request your customers to give honest reviews or testimonials about your service. Then our content editors will edit them to ensure it brings out your brand’s strengths in the right way.

If you run a service-oriented business serving clients from various locations, such as engineering, construction, or plumbing, you certainly cannot overlook case studies. They’ve become a critical part of any content marketing campaign that every business relies on to win new customers.

Through case studies, you can showcase your company’s expertise in various projects you’ve helped your customers execute. They’re crucial in showing that you’re an expert in your field. As such, it must be written from an expert’s viewpoint, not just a mere story.

ChicExecs has specialized content writers in various industries who can create unique case studies explaining your skills through past projects. These also require SEO and keyword research, which we’re already experts at implementing.

Features of Our Content Marketing Services

Any digital marketing campaign is only as successful as the strategy behind it. At ChicExecs, we understand how important it is to work through specially created plans that suit your specific business niche.

Our content marketing services are end-to-end, meaning that we fully engage your audience, support your goals on every platform, and review their performance to guarantee success. The below are some of our best content marketing strategies that have made it possible to deliver success to our clients.

Search engine optimization

Everyone knows the importance of maintaining a robust digital presence, but sometimes your website holds you back. Quality Search engine optimization (SEO) work forms the pillar of every content marketing campaign. Without adequately executed SEO, it can be challenging to achieve the objective of your campaign. Our consultants can evaluate your site to find what errors are holding you back, and they can offer SEO-driven content marketing to optimize your website for success.

Keyword Research

Content marketing is a vital tool for web admins and online marketers. Keyword research is a critical step they take to be successful at it. Various tools and resources are available on the internet to conduct keyword research for content marketing. Still, the efficiency of these tools relies heavily on how well the user uses them. At ChicExecs, we don’t just rely on n tools to research the best keywords for your content marketing campaign, but we engage users to understand better the terms that they most often use when trying to find a service online.

Campaign strategy

Every campaign needs a sense of direction to succeed in a pool of competition. We’ll avail a dedicated content marketing strategist to work with you. We’ll evaluate your current content and campaign strategy and then offer recommendations to improve your campaign. We’ll work with your marketing team to establish a plan and achieve the goals. We’ll then ensure every deliverable in place is attained and contributes towards achieving the overall goal of your content marketing campaign.

Pay-per-click management

Relying on organic content isn’t a complete proof content marketing strategy. You need to incorporate PPC advertising in your content as well. Our PPC advertising services will help to achieve your PPC campaigns goal. We’ll create effective display ads, paid search campaigns, paid social media ads, and promotions, among others. By incorporating PPC in your content marketing, you can increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Brand personification

People today are more likely to make a purchase decision based on the company’s personality. Brands’ marketing campaigns must now capture this personality and present it believably. Brands also need to be careful as they can quickly lose credibility when they start doing something that is not in line with their personified brand image. By entrusting your content marketing services to ChicExecs, we can help you create a strong brand persona that everyone would want to associate with anytime. We’ll review every feature of your brand and what defines you to forge a more appealing, personified brand.

Our Content Marketing Process

At ChicExecs, we work with a simplified process that focuses on determining our clients’ requirements and helping them achieve them faster.

Our content marketing services are made suitable for all businesses, regardless of size, niche, or geolocation, by following this simple process.

Phase one – campaign strategy

After customer onboarding, our content marketers will evaluate your requirements, understand your business, audience, and goals. We’ll then create a unique strategy that will work perfectly with your business ambitions.

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Phase two – content formulation

Here, we develop unique content that your business can share with its audience to start realizing changes. The content is developed through consultations with you to ensure it’s customized to your business so your clients can relate to your brand easily.

Phase three – content creation

After developing the content, we proceed to execute the theory on paper. Our renowned content writers, graphic designers, video producers, and marketings will begin creating the different content agreed upon at the formulation stage.

While creating the content, we pay attention to the optimization aspect to ensure your content is friendly for SEO and your audience. A lot of editing takes place here, with every change you request incorporated to meet your brand’s requirements.

Phase three – content creation
Phase four – content posting and promotion

Phase four – content posting and promotion

At this stage, your content is ready to go live and be visible to the outside world. We’ll proceed to post your content on various platforms as appropriate, be it your website, social media pages, blogs, etc. We also have a network of online influencers whom we can deploy to help promote your content effectively.

Phase five – monitoring and reporting

Any campaign without proper monitoring and reporting is of no use as you won’t be able to tell whether it’s performing as expected or not. At Chicexecs, we have advanced monitoring tools to help us track how your content is performing.

We’ll analyze its performance against the goals set to understand the effectiveness of the content marketing campaign. Our team will then issue detailed monthly reports on how the campaign has performed with recommendations on what should be done to achieve the targets or improve.

Don’t wait any longer, be part of the wave that drives the internet with content that sells. Get in touch with ChicExecs today for our content marketing services and elevate your business success.

Phase five – monitoring and reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many purposes for content marketing, but one of the most important is to improve SEO. That’s because Google crawls the web to find new content, including blogs, videos, and other media. If the content is valuable and exciting for users, it will attract more traffic to your website.

Content marketing can be very effective in improving SEO because it helps you rank for keywords related to your company or product. You should have a company blog that publishes a quality article at least three times per week. You should also have an email newsletter that provides valuable information regularly.

People are nowadays well informed than ever before, and they don’t like it when they feel like brands are talking down to them. Content marketing provides an opportunity to put your expertise front and center, share stories, and answer questions in an authentic way that earns trust.

Once your audience builds trust in your brand, they will join your sales funnel, and it won’t be difficult to convince them to convert.

Content marketing forms a crucial part of every marketing campaign. It has been found that content marketing generates 3x the leads and 7x the revenue.

Unlike other advertising forms, content marketing is a more personal and less intrusive way to promote and sell products and services. Content marketing allows you to provide valuable information about your product or service instead of just promoting it.

It’s a known fact that most people don’t read to the end of a post. That can mislead you to think that long-form content isn’t worthwhile. While short-form contents are ideal for putting forth an idea, they cant give the reader more in-depth information that can invoke emotions.

The best strategy is to use both of them as the need arises. Don’t dismiss one for the other as both are effective and play a vital role towards achieving the same goal – driving quality traffic.

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