Combining Purpose with a Passion for Public Relations

ChicExecs Co-Founders, Kailynn Bowling and Nikki Carlson, were recently interviewed by The Y Group Collective where they discussed how they combine purpose with a passion for public relations. Below is a highlight from the interview with Madeline E. Lambert.

Madeline: What’s the most exciting thing about what you guys do? Do you have a favorite part about your process? 

Nikki: I think what’s really fulfilling is seeing the entrepreneur’s dreams come true through our company. We have newer brands come to us all the time, and I remember when we got one on The Today Show. She was ecstatic. She was emailing us crying and popping champagne…so it’s really great and incredibly rewarding to see how much our work means to others.

Kailynn: For me, it’s probably the product placement. Those are the big “dream-maker pieces,” and to be a part of that are so exciting – it almost feels as if it is your child succeeding too! It’s incredibly rewarding to be so excited for the companies we work with, and to be a part of the team helping these brands with the bigger picture of their dream. It’s incredible.

Madeline: I love hearing about your process! Through all the ups-and-downs what would be the message you would like to leave with young entrepreneurs?

Kailynn: The biggest piece from me goes back to what I touched on earlier, and that is to not make too strict of a plan. We’ve met so many people that get stuck on their ‘plan’ that they cannot see the actual vision of what is unfolding before them. Whatever that passion and purpose is that you have, go for it!! You can’t just put yourself in a small box, you really have to be willing to be open to what is outside of the box.

Nikki: Being an entrepreneur is not easy and we all know there will always be roadblocks and challenges, but we never give up. That’s what we practice, and we’ve found that being solution-based [proactive as opposed to reactive] is what works for us – especially in the case of something not working. Instead of giving up when something doesn’t work, we take what we learned and can tweak our process to continue on in a new way — which is how we evolved from ChicBlvd to ChicBuds to ChicExecs! We are always evolving and growing.

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