Our Clients featured on FOX 45 Dayton

Congratulations to our Clients Game Bibs, Radiant Art Studios, Dano Entertainment, and Bandtz for their feature on Fox 45 Dayton!


You will be the ultimate fan in Game Bibs! The must-have gift for sports fanatics, they offer Bib Overalls, Cargo Shorts, Cargo Pants, Skirts, Shorts and Aprons in your favorite team’s colors.  Game Bibs apparel comes in 40 team color combinations and are available in sizes infant through adult. Find Game Bibs  at college bookstores, fan shops, sporting goods stores, and other various retailers across the country. Support your team and stand out in the crowd.

Check them out at GameBibs.com!


lobsterFor a gift that may seem out of this world turn to Radiant Art Studios’ distinctive art creations made with the power of x-ray imagery and ultraviolet photography. Radiant Art Studios offers items ranging from framed prints to cutting boards. Select from their pre-made designs, or submit your own x-ray, ultrasound or photo for a truly unique gift.

Check them out at RadiantArtStudios.com!



For little ones just starting on the path to becoming smarty pants, DANO’s AppCrayon is a fun way to keep them on track with learning how to write the alphabet. The fun crayon shaped tool features a triangular training grip for easy use with its corresponding App or when used as a stylus.

Check them out at AppCrayon.com!


bandtztnIt’s perhaps the smallest accessory with the biggest impact on a woman’s peace of mind but as any long haired woman can attest, she’ll never leave home without a hair tie. Because the weather can turn at a moment’s notice, your day can turn to night (or night to day) or maybe you need your hands for something other than keeping your hair out of your face, Bandtz hair ties are a woman’s answer to feeling good and looking good. Inspired by the romantic allure of lingerie, these ties pair fashion with function effortlessly for a look that is equally stylish whether it’s keeping locks tucked up and away or adorning the wrist when not in use.

Check them out at Bandtz.com!

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