Clean Ethics Bottle Bright Talks Shark Tank with ABC 22 Champlain

cleanethicsfeatureCongratulations to our Client Clean Ethics for their dive into the Shark Tank and their feature on ABC 22!

From hard to reach nooks to stubborn crannies, portable drinkware always seems to have an inaccessible area that is harboring gunk and is in need of a good scrub. Bottles, travel mugs, thermoses and party drink dispensers come in every shape and size, making it impossible for sponges and brushes to clean completely, often leaving a gross residue or unwanted taste upon the next use.

Instead of utilizing chlorine bleach or other harsh chemicals, Clean Ethics developed a proprietary all-natural formula that is certified by the Natural Products Association. It easily rinses away and leaves no residual taste or odor behind, while it works to remove stains and hidden grime.

Clean Ethics brought their Bottle Bright cleaning tablets into the Shark Tank on last night’s episode and they just might have gotten a bite! See the episode here! Be sure to check them out at cleanethics.com!


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