ChicExecs Secures Family Game Night on KSAT San Antonio Live

ChicExecs’ lifestyle expert, Danica McAdam, talked with KSAT San Antonio Live on how to have a family fun game night with the hottest four games on the market today. Learn how to get the family off their screens and in one room to spend some quality time together.

Hasty Baker

Recognized as a 2020 game of the year, Hasty Baker is a deliciously fun strategy card game that’s made for the whole family to enjoy. It’s a baking game that helps kids not only grasp the idea of baking but makes it fun! They’ll learn how to bake, appreciate how to make food, and develop strategy skills. Players collect ingredient cards to complete various dessert recipes before other players sabotage them. Be warned, ingredients aren’t the only cards in the deck! Cards like Steal Ingredient and Spoil Ingredient can change the game real quick.

Available on https://hastybaker.com via AmazonPrice: $17.99.


PANDO is the latest party phenom. During the game, players are semi-politely forced to spill the beans about their personal life as they find out how well their peers and family members really know them. PANDO is a lounge and play game, there is no need to gather around a table and pass out pencils. Draw a card and read the questions aloud. See who amongst your group answers correctly. You’re sure to learn something new about your significant other, best friend, daughter, or mother with nearly a thousand questions you never thought to ask. You’ll laugh until it hurts and maybe blush a few times too. It’s a hilarious way to find out who knows the most about you. No pens, no paper, no scorecards required – bring it along to a restaurant or to your next family get together (great for ages 14+, 4 to 10 players). 

Available on PlayPando.com and Amazon. Price: $25.

The Adventure Challenge

The Adventure Challenge is a mystery scratch-off book with 50 creative adventures. The catch? You don’t know what you’re doing until you scratch it off! Each adventure is designed to explore outside your habits, dive deeper into your relationship, and make meaningful memories. Once it’s scratched off, you HAVE to do it. It’s time to discover something new about yourself!

Available on www.theadventurechallenge.comPrice: $39.99+

Unstable Unicorns

Unstable Unicorns is a highly addictive card game with a huge fan base.  It was one of Kickstarter’s Top 50 Game and Top 100 Overall backed projects of all time, earning over $2 million in funding and spawning a number of highly collectible expansion packs. In this game, you’ll assemble a Unicorn Army to wreak destruction upon your opponents, all while building up your herd. Be careful not to get neighed!

Available on Amazon. Price: $19.97

Watch the full KSAT San Antonio Live segment here.

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