ChicExecs PR Secures Zoo Snoods in Marie Claire

Our latest PR feature is for our client Zoo Snoods in Marie Claire!

Launched in 2016, Zoo Snoods is the pet knitwear accessory brand of Beard Head creator David Stankunas. The founder of the bearded headwear brand sold across the globe dedicates Zoo Snoods to his late doggy sidekick Lucky. Her joy and inspiration are helping to better the lives of pets and their families all over the world through the Zoo Snoods “Love” initiative. A portion of every sale goes to the animal welfare organizations that rescue and protect pets in need.

Traditionally, a snood is a wide ring of knitted material worn like a hood or scarf. A “Zoo Snood” is an animal-themed knit hood for dogs (and cats if you can get yours to wear one). Choose from a variety of animal styles and get ready to inspire laughter, cause smiles, and bring about even greater feelings of love and affection. 

Marie Claire noted that this is fashion and function and the ultimate in a painfully cute gift that will actually get used!

Three More Reasons to Love Zoo Snoods:

Doggy table manners  – Keep long hair and floppy ears out of food and water bowls while your dog eats. 

For the jacket you can’t get them to wear – Keep your pet warm while romping around on a cold winter day. Zoo Snoods are also washable after those muddy play dates.

They’re just downright adorable – Let your fur child play dress up as a grizzly bear, panda, bull, giraffe, dinosaur, reindeer, monkey, bunny rabbit, and more. 

Pets agree! Dog antlers and dog bunny ears are just the levity we need for 2020!

Check out Zoo Snoods for the latest line of “fun and functional” knit products meant to bring smiles and happiness to everyone around them. Find them at https://www.zoosnoods.com.

Congrats Zoo Snoods!



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