ChicExecs PR Secures YearCheer in Best Products

Our latest PR feature is for our client YearCheer in Best Products.

Decorating for the holidays is a magical part of the yearly celebrations. Whether you have family traditions that span generations or are looking to start new ones, it’s always extra special to get the little ones involved in the fun.

Finding engaging ways to get your kids excited for the holidays can be tough. But the kid-focused subscription boxes from YearCheer are making the most of the holiday cheer.

YearCheer is the perfect solution for busy moms and dads (or those looking to help out the parents in their lives) who want to create memorable moments for their kids. Even parents and families with busy schedules can prioritize the fun back into their lives with these boxes.

Rather than lugging the kids into the car and various stores for items to do adorable craft projects, YearCheer gathers everything you need for seasonal and age-appropriate projects. No need for long hours trying to create something yourself or spending tons of money on things you’ll never use again.

The boxes come with 2-3 high-quality decor items to elevate your decorating experience, 2-3 games and activities to encourage quality time together, and 2-3 fun surprises so each holiday feels fresh and unique.

Best Products recently featured YearCheer in an article highlighting the best subscription boxes for the kids in your life. They especially loved the wide variety of items available for each holiday.

“Because the box is so loaded, kids get to decide what they make and when giving this box more options than many already on the market. It’s no one-trick pony — it’s a jam-packed set.”

Add YearCheer to your life for oh-so-simple holiday decor the whole family will love. Sign up for a box by Feb. 5 for the Valentine’s Day theme box.

Congrats YearCheer!

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