ChicExecs PR Secures YBell Fitness in Shape

Our latest PR feature is for our client YBell Fitness in Shape!

YBell Fitness provides handheld 4-in-1 exercise products, education programs, and content that allow users to perform more functional exercises, with less equipment, more economically.

The YBell replaces the need for several pieces of equipment with one multi-purpose tool that does it all. Easy to use, the YBell is accessible for everyone from elite sporting teams and trainers to home exercisers.

Shape featured the 4-in-1 YBell Neo Series in an article highlighting the cost benefits of this compact weight that does the job of four gym equipment, easy on the wallet and your workout space. The YBell Neo is great for HIIT workouts, is portable, and perfectly designed for every body.

The YBell Neo is seen as the best free weight set for a home gym by countless of our customers. Instead of just having a dumbbell, the YBell also emulates a kettlebell, double grip medicine ball, and push-up stand. With the YBell Neo, a grip change is an equipment change. By changing your grip on the YBell Neo, the weight distribution shifts changing it from one piece of equipment to another.

The brand’s education and programming include online introductory workshops, coaching courses, and master trainer certifications, with exercise content available online and via the YBell App. Whether you’re at home, in the gym or on the road, they offer a vast library of exercises and workouts you can access at any time

The company was founded by veteran Australian fitness trainer Aaron Laurence. Lugging equipment back and forth to train his clients on the famous Bondi Beach was a hassle, so Aaron came up with the concept for the YBell.

Check out YBell Fitness to clear the clutter out of your home gym while saving money on workout equipment. Find the YBell New Series here.

Congrats YBell Fitness!

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