ChicExecs PR Secures Wrap Buddies in Martha Stewart

Our latest PR feature is for our client Wrap Buddies in Martha Stewart!

WrapBuddies clips to your table to hold your wrapping paper in place, while doubling as a tape dispenser at the same time. With adjustable table clips and supplies close at hand, you’ll be able to measure, cut, trim, wrap, and tape quicker than ever before.

Featured as a genius tool that makes gift wrapping easy, simply clip wrap buddies to any table or countertop. Place the roll in between the wrap buddies and adjust the spacing to fit the length. Next, unroll the paper, measure, and easily cut. Your gift recipients appreciate a hand-wrapped gift more than one shoved in a bag. Wrap Buddies is also a tool that’s easy to store. The clips easily fit in a drawer or a craft box when not in use. When you do need them, attach to nearly any table, counter, or work surface to turn it into a personalized wrapping station. Like bulldog clips, each one has a lever that pops open and over the flat surface you’re working with.

Think beyond the gift wrapped box to use wrap buddies for more of your crafty projects. They can easily secure your kraft paper. For school projects, they can hold a large poster in place as your children create and decorate. Don’t forget about the kitchen either. For those multiple leftovers you need cling wrap or aluminum foil for, Wrap Buddies holds those rolls too!

Wrap Buddies come in a pair (one for each side of the paper roll) and are available in five different colors. You can find them retailing for $19.99 on Amazon or https://wrapbuddies.co.

Check out Wrap Buddies for the all-in-on tape and cut tool with the clever clips that help you create those perfectly polished wrapped gifts.

Congrats Wrap Buddies!

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