ChicExecs PR Secures Whirly Board in Reader’s Digest

Our latest PR feature is for our client Whirly Board in Reader’s Digest!

Unboxing the Whirly Board will bring hours of enjoyment for everyone in the household. With 500+ positive reviews on Amazon, join the movement to put the fun back into exercise! 

Reader’s Digest featured the Whirly Board spinning balance board in its roundup on the best gifts for boys that will knock his socks off.

Whirly Board is the revolutionary balance board that improves balance, agility, and core strength while having fun exercising or practicing 360˚+ rotations. The top-rated product was developed as a rotational training tool by board sport enthusiast Erik Olsen. Whirly Board was picked as one of the top balance boards by Best Products six years in a row.

The board is the ultimate accessory for homes, offices, or gyms. Unlike most balance boards that move back and forth, the Whirly Board moves in all directions. Balance and pivot on all three balance points for endless possibilities ensuring you never get bored!

An excellent training tool for any skill level, practice spin and tricks and take your twirl to a whole new level!  It’s a perfect way to burn energy and build core strength for sports enthusiasts, office workers (at a standing desk), fitness gurus, kids (great for those with Attention Deficit Disorder), and individuals in physical therapy. It may feel like child’s play, but this effective fitness tool will help the whole family up its game and appreciate a healthy lifestyle.

Whirly Board is a startup company born in a small town Wisconsin garage. Olsen created the first Whirly Board by cutting a bowling ball and a pool ball in half and attaching the pieces to an old skateboard deck. The company and product have gained popularity in its seven years of existence and grown from its humble beginnings into a new and larger facility. Every board shipped is made with care and either built or inspected by the creator.

Check out Whirly Board and see why it’s more than a balance board … it’s a healthy lifestyle. Find the Whirly Board on Amazon.

Congrats Whirly Board!








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