ChicExecs PR Secures Vitality Extracts on The Pulse

Our latest PR feature is for our client Vitality Extracts on The Pulse!

Essential oils are treasured as natural aids in health and wellness. Adding a drop or two of your favorite oil to the lava beads in your essential oil jewelry collection can provide hours or even days of aromatherapy benefits. These benefits include mood improvement, emotional balance, and even positive changes in brain chemistry. Now you can tame a migraine, soothe your stress while sitting in traffic, lift your mood, or perk up your energy in a fun, stylish way that is practical and affordable.

The segment featured the healing powers of essential oils and highlighted Vitality Extracts’ diffuser jewelry as a novel way to receive much needed aromatherapy anywhere, anytime. Vitality Extracts designs diffuser jewelry using elements such as lava rocks, rose quartz, tourmaline, white howlite,  and other calming gemstones known for their grounding properties. Simply inhaling them throughout the day through your bracelet or necklace can help you hit the pause button and focus. This is great for people who encounter high-stress environments.

The brand makes your accessorized aromatherapy possible with bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings. Vitality Extracts jewelry pieces make great gifts too! Lava Beads are made from Natural Volcanic Basalt. The lava stones acts as a sponge-like carrier as it soaks up your oils and retains them in the core of the bead. It is known to be a grounding stone that has connections to Mother Earth promoting strength, stability, and courage.

Vitality Extracts crafts the finest essential oils that are pure, safe and free of chemicals making them the perfect aromatherapy oils for optimal natural healing from stress and anxiety. They come in drop and roll-on varieties.

Check out Vitality Extracts for the essential oils and diffuser jewelry crafted with the utmost quality for your long-lasting aromatherapy needs.

Congrats Vitality Extracts!







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