ChicExecs PR Secures Verve Culture in Pop Sugar

Our latest PR feature is for our client Verve Culture in Pop Sugar!

For Pop Sugar’s holiday gift guide, the Verve Culture Moroccan Cooking Tagine For Two was featured.

“If they love slow-cooked, home-cooked meals, this tagine is the perfect gift. ‘Tagine’ describes both the delicious North African stew and the earthenware in which it traditionally cooks, which famously retains moisture and makes for surprisingly easy one-pot dinners. This artisan-made clay tagine is sold by a mother-daughter team and comes in four colors, though the teal is hard to beat. (Bonus points if your gift includes a packet of dates or dried apricots.)” — Chris Roney, editor, Standards and Ethics

Descriptions of food cooked “tagine style” date back to the 9th century classic, The Thousand and One Nights. A lot has changed in the last thousand years or so, but an appreciation for a good home-cooked meal is not one of them. The reason this cooking method has endured for so long is because tagines allow food to carmelize while cooking and to stay warm for longer when serving.

Committed to cultural exploration, Verve Culture works with a team of amazing artisans and craftsmen from around the world that are proud to share their stories of heritage and passion through kitchen essentials and gourmet goods. Verve Culture is a women-run business spanning three generations hoping to bring heart and soul into your kitchen in lieu of mass-produced items.

Beautiful artisan creations come from Mexico, Morocco, and Thailand. Verve Culture then shares the exquisitely-made creations with the world. The authentic items are made to be used, displayed, and most importantly, enjoyed.

Check out Verve Culture and explore a global marketplace of rich culinary traditions to bring into your home for year-round enjoyment. Find the colorful Tagine For Two here.

Congrats Verve Culture!








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