ChicExecs PR Secures U-Stand on The Today Show

Our latest PR feature is for our client U-Stand on The Today Show!

Never struggle with a beach umbrella ever again thanks to this convenient solution for shade anywhere. The family-innovated U-Stand is the “Shade Anywhere” and patent-pending portable bucket with a tube that runs through its center and opens up at the top. It’s the most versatile way you can secure an umbrella because its design holds so much more. Part container, part umbrella stand, and part cup holder, this all-in-one product holds your beach gear, serves as your cooler, and comes with a convenient shoulder strap.

The U-Stand was featured in the segment, “Father’s Day gifts dad will love” during the Hoda & Jenna hour. The innovative umbrella holder was reviewed by “Gadget Nation” author Steve Greenberg himself as it handled some high winds on screen. The U-Stand has been tested to withstand winds of 40 mph, preventing possible beach hazards due to heavy, rogue umbrellas.

Here’s how it works: Unclip the tabletop lid and fill the interior to keep U-Stand secure. You can use sand, water, ice or your own personal items to add weight. Next, secure the lid and insert any umbrella in the top. Complete your U-Stand by tightening the screw for extra security.

It comes with some extra quality features your dad will love. The U-Stand is made with UV protected durable plastic, so he’ll never worry about it breaking. With its design, it’s able to hold any size umbrella.

The top includes four cup holders for his largest cups. Despite its ability to hold an umbrella securely, the U-Stand remains lightweight for portability; it only weighs four pounds empty. It’s the perfect accessory for shade anywhere. In addition to the beach, use it at tailgates, outdoor concerts, in the backyard or on a patio.

Check out U-Stand for the innovative summer shade that dad will appreciate this Father’s Day.

Congrats U-Stand!






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