ChicExecs PR Secures Truffoire in Forbes

Our latest PR feature is for our client Truffoire in Forbes!

Truffles conjure up images of a gourmet delicacy. Did you know they also have wonderful anti-aging benefits? It’s the powerhouse ingredient for a new brand that turns back the clock on aging skin.

Truffoire is a luxury skincare brand helping people around the world feel better and look gorgeous. Users say it’s like plastic surgery in a bottle. Its anti-aging products stand out for their use of truffles. The research-backed formulas have proven results. Customers happily share their testimonies and photos with their newfound confidence and improved complexions.

Researchers recently discovered how truffles renew the skin and increase its age-fighting capabilities. This discovery led to the creation of Truffoire, a brand that uses black and white truffles in all of its skincare products. The best-sellers include the Black Truffle Syringe, White Truffle Moisturizer, Vitamin C serum, and White Truffle Facial Peeling.

Aside from being a treasured gourmet delight, truffles are also known for their medical properties, with strong antioxidants and immune-boosting functions. You’ll feel the difference with glowing skin and visible results. Truffles bring radiance to your skin with valuable vitamins and minerals as well as moisturizing effects.

Truffoire was featured in the Forbes article highlighting the many uses for truffles.

Truffoire was developed with the dream of delivering a spa-quality experience in the comfort of one’s home with products that have been formulated using cutting-edge technologies. Its laboratories combine delicious truffles with the proven benefits of professional skin ingredients to satisfy the dreams of millions of women who use its products to defy the aging process daily.

Check out Truffoire for a luxury brand committed to providing the highest quality and most advanced anti-aging skincare products formulated with truffles. Find the complete line of products here.

Congrats Truffoire!

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