ChicExecs PR Secures Troomi in CafeMom

Our latest PR feature is for our client Troomi in CafeMom.

Teaching our kids respect and a healthy relationship with technology can be challenging in our tech-dependent world.

Troomi makes it easy by giving parents more control over what their kids see online through kid-friendly smartphones.

For many parents, there is a practical need to let their child have a smartphone. There are many advantages to staying in touch and allowing your kids to stay connected with their friends. But the dangers of unrestricted access give many parents pause and cause them to worry about how they’ll protect their kids.

Troomi’s Safer Kidsmart OS™ alternative has parents excitedly saying “yes” to introducing their kids to a smartphone and feeling good about it! It creates the perfect phone environment for kids and gives parents the peace of mind they’ve been waiting for.

CafeMom has featured the Troomi Smartphone in its latest article, highlighting unique and creative Easter basket gifts.

“If you have been trying to decide whether or not it is time for your child to get their own phone, their Easter basket is a fun way to present it to them. Troomi is a smartphone for kids that gives them the features they need and keeps them away from things they don’t. Troomi is family-friendly and offers a variety of plans for families to choose from.”

Key features of the Troomi Smartphone include a Samsung base for a high-quality design, remote access to texts to review who your child contacts, a Parent Portal app to add or remove apps on the Troomi Phone easily, and a safe web browsing option to protect kids from bullying and other harmful online behavior.

Check out Troomi for the best kid and parent-approved smartphone ever found! Find the phone and explore plans here.

Congrats Troomi!

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