ChicExecs PR Secures Toast! in Men’s Journal

Our latest PR feature is for our client Toast! Supplements in Men’s Journal.

Getting drinks with friends after a long week is all fun and games until you’ve got a horrible hangover the next morning.

Rather than letting you suffer through another pounding headache and unending nausea, Toast! Supplements is the premier brand to help prevent hangovers before the first shot.

Based on the latest science and clinical studies and research, the Toast! Before You Drink gummies are powered by natural ingredients to help restore key nutrients and support your liver, so you can keep celebrating and still feel great.

The research used in developing the gummies is what sets Toast! apart from other at-home and market hangover remedies. They’ve worked with a leading authority on alcohol hangovers, Dr. Joris Vester, to harness the best science-loaded ingredients to create a formula that actually works.

Rather than focusing on the old myth that dehydration causes hangovers, Toast! focuses on the real issue. When you drink alcohol, it enters your bloodstream and is transported throughout your body. Alcohol causes an inflammatory response from your immune system, and the more alcohol you drink, and the longer it’s in your body, the greater the response. Researchers found that the greater the immune response, the worse the hangover. They also found that people metabolize alcohol at different rates, with those that metabolize alcohol quicker having less severe hangovers.

The gummies come in individual packs that go where you go and are shareable among friends to help everyone enjoy a night out. The unique formula takes the medicine feeling out of the products. The brand worked with an American candymaker to help create the gummies made in the USA in an FDA-registered, cGMP facility.  No pills or chalky powders to choke down.

Men’s Journal recently featured Toast! Supplements in an article focused on helping consumers keep the fun going during a night out. They especially liked how easy and simple the Toast! remedy is to use.

“This is no crazy hangover cure with a lot of steps needed to make it. All you do is bring these to-go pouches around with you, pop a few of the tasty gummies before drinking, and your body will be ready for a night out. You can’t go wrong with that.”

Check out Toast! for everything you need to have your cocktail and enjoy it too. Find the Before You Drink gummies here.

Congrats to Toast! Supplements!


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