ChicExecs PR Secures TheraICE in Health

Our latest PR feature is for our client TheraICE in Health!

Living with intense pain is no way to manage your day. When suffering from a debilitating migraine, resorting to medication is not the solution many are looking for to feel better. Here’s a better way.

TheraICE RX is the problem-solver that gets you back to what you love doing with their line of Hot & Cold natural pain relief must-have:  the Headache Relief Cap. Thousands of 5-star Amazon reviews prove just how many people have found the product to be lifesaver. There’s too much to enjoy in life to be sidelined by pain!

Migraines are the third most prevalent illness globally, with nearly one in four U.S. households including someone dealing with headaches or migraines. Effectively managing the pain is crucial. The Headache Relief Cap is always seconds away from relieving even the most brutal headaches. Health featured the brand as one that shoppers turn to alleviate headaches instantly and that is “like a hug for your head.”

Put down the messy, hard ice packs and pick up TheraICE RX. It’s a refreshing experience that effortlessly slips you into relaxation and relief in no time.

Headache Relief Cap

– Compression and cold therapies constrict blood vessels and reduce inflammation, helping mute pain signals

– Works on all types of headaches (common tension, sinus, cluster, and migraine)

– Heat therapy to relax muscles, melting tension into pain-free relaxation

– Pillowy, cloud-like fabric gently cushions pressure points

– Worn above the eyes to ease pain while working, doing chores, or watching TV or over the eyes to block out 100% of light for sensitivity

– Expert-grade gel for hot and cold therapy (pop it right into the freezer or microwave)

– 360-degree coverage

– Available in black and pink; One size fits all

Check out TheralCE and say goodbye to migraine pain. Find the Headache Relief Cap on Amazon.

Congrats TheralCE!

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