ChicExecs PR Secures The Worthington Collection in VegNews

Our latest PR feature is for our client The Worthington Collection in VegNews!

Recently, VegNews highlighted 30 woman-owned vegan businesses to support, which included The Worthington Collection and its candles that elevate experiences and let you relax in a fresher home.

Sarah Clifford Owen has the unique ability to clear the air in the most lovely way. As the founder of The Worthington Collection, this busy mom and healthcare professional has created a candle brand that removes odors without masking unwanted smells. It’s a clean experience that fills homes with fragrances that are perfect for every season.

Sarah is the first to admit she doesn’t have much downtime. So why add candlemaker to that list? As she explains, she cooks a great deal and was tired of candles that didn’t clear the air. She needed a solution so she created one. That’s how her clear-the-air candle journey began and includes Sarah’s personal touch in every offering, honoring the intimacy that candles provide in today’s homes. The wellbeing of users is her top priority and she ensures the air they breathe when lighting her candles is not filled with any toxins.

“All my candles are handmade and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” says founder Sarah Clifford Owen. “You can tell the difference between a candle that was made by a machine and one that is hand-poured. There’s a lot of love and patience that goes into each one.”

The collection is filled with scents that wow. The vegan candles feature a custom apricot and coconut wax blend paired with cotton wicks for a smooth burn. The fragrances are certified safe and free of toxic chemicals and harsh ingredients.

Check out The Worthington Collection and enjoy a spring refresh in your space that creates the ultimate luxurious setting for homes or offices. Find the signature collection here.

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