ChicExecs PR Secures The Flower Apothecary in HuffPost

Our latest PR feature is for our client The Flower Apothecary in HuffPost!

Flower essences played a huge role in Nadia Ameri’s life since childhood. The calling to become a flower essence therapist only became stronger until she couldn’t ignore it anymore. Leaving the psychology field, she studied to become a registered practitioner in flower essences. Founding The Flower Apothecary, she’s sharing her love, passion, and expertise for flower essences with the world.

The Flower Apothecary shows just how impactful they can be with an array of flower essences. Don’t confuse these remedies with herbal formulations or essential oils. They contain no physical part of the plant and they’re chemical-free. Flower essences are made using a water infusion process and they’re safe to be used by anyone including children and those taking medications and supplements.

Choose from three different collections of flower essences that focus on health, target a particular emotional state, or enhance a personal characteristic. Relieve stress, ease rattled nerves, offset and balance negative emotions, build your confidence, and find your focus.

Flower essences come in liquid drop form, which makes them highly versatile. These flower remedies are naturally sweet due to the glycerin they’re preserved with, but you won’t taste any florals.

The Flower Apothecary was included in HuffPost’s article on the best way to host a virtual Thanksgiving dinner during the COVID-19 pandemic. They recommended including an element of spirituality that can add a warm touch. In the feature, Nadia advocates incorporating spiritual reflection into a virtual gathering to provide hope and comfort to participants, helping us to recognize all that we have to be thankful for.

Check out The Flower Apothecary to empower your mood, strengthen your mental energy, curb negative thoughts and emotions, and help you live your best life. Find them at https://theflowerapothecary.com.

Congrats The Flower Apothecary!



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